Thursday, November 09, 2006

GQ latex spread part 2

and there's a definate reference to Allen Jones in the remainder of the spread.




Dark said...

When do you think the "idea" of the (latex) doll as a fetish first took hold? I mean actually being one!

Would this be AFTER the introduction of the blow up doll? Seems so no?

This is now clearly established as a fetish.. and there is plenty of evidence that many people are into the fetish doll... But I can't place when it actually became the niche that it now clearly is.

Bradley said...

If I recall my sources correctly:

--the living doll fetish was first present and accounted for on Yahoo Clubs (back before it became Groups) back in late 1998, early 1999.

--Some of the early pre-EGL subcultures, in particular the "burrikko" or living ragdoll one, were starting in Japan in the early to mid 1980s.

--Before that, at least in the U.S. there were scattered hints of things in the pop culture in the 1970s, mainly with the science fiction and robotics fixations in movies and television. Nothing definite though.

As for me, I had first *heard* of the idea of a doll fetish on _Oprah_ of all places, back in 1986 or so....she had different guests, husbands and wives who felt they couldn't share their "kinkiness" with anyone, let alone the people they had married.

And one man...wanted a dress-up doll. :) Of course, now Ms. Winfrey wouldn't even *admit* to having touched the topic, never mind actually looking it up *again* on her new (boring, ego-driven) show. :P

But yeah, it's been around a's just taken a while to take root in the culture of the U.S. at least (well, because folks are still sexually repressed in a lot of ways).