Thursday, November 16, 2006

second life role play chat logs into stories?

as you will all know i am spending a chunk of my online time in second life. mainly modelling in Kaliwulf Kingdom in my own very own latexification doll case made by the talented Wanda Goodnight. i keep on bumping into readers there too. actually some of them hunt me down to say hello and ask a few questions or make a few proposals...

at this rate i might have to get an office set up like Wired has done.

occasionally i do get out and have been seeing various misstresses, doll enthusiasts and a hypnotist or two. some of these result in very yummy and wet scenes.... so i save the chat logs to re-read.

now the idea i'm playing with and i have a part 2 done already by writer evil dolly, is to pass the chat logs onto good writers to use them as a guidelines and basis for a fetish story.

i really want to get the first scene sorted out asap and then i can post 1 and 2 at once.

if your interested then please email me and i can send it over.



praise said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

Will look out for you, my SL name is Suki and i love being a rubber doll