Wednesday, November 08, 2006

skin two ball people 2006

i had set the task for black ice to shoot any living dolls he saw at the Skin Two Ball Weekend and he said he did... but someone or something happend to his compact flash card wallet in his camera bag: all 4 cards with 600+ shots were lost.

these included some posed shots of Stephanie and another living doll from south africa.

he did send these over as he thought they'd be of interest and were a few of the final 200 shots still in his camera.

a couple with a woman wearing an eternity collar. she wears it all the time and just takes the frount loop off when she's at work. and she's a teacher.

a woman whose in a serious fetish relationship. she was hooded and blind and wears an eternity collar for the last four years. i believe it has been sealed on.

an enthusaistic couple from the states who wanted to be shot and they had interesting contact lenses. no idea how the woman could see as the place was dimly lit already. i mentioned my planned article on doll fetishes and this site (she has one of your magnetic cards now btw) and she was very excited and relayed 'you don't know how deep that runs in me' - or some variation there on. also offered to pose for a portrait/shoot for the article.

he said he's uploading more to the Skin Two Gallery site so will post the link in this entry when i hear back with all the details.

anyone go?



FellipeC said...

Very good that girl with black lenses.

She see because that lens have a hole in middle, just like any other contact lens.

Slavegirl Paula said...

Hi Asudem,

Those are some great pictures, sure wish I'd been there. The lady with the blinding hood looks great. I don't see that type of hood often on the net, but when I do they are sooo sexy.

Thanks for keeping up with your fantastic blog. :)

Slavegirl Paula