Saturday, November 25, 2006

white zentai's arrived

finally after my initial order back in september and various drama's and heartaches within secondlife, my white zentai suit arrived from the far east. sadly not in time for halloween though.

my plan.... such as it is, was to somehow to transfer my avatar's makeup design from second life (pictured) onto the lycra zentai suit. so i could litterly wear my avatar in real life. like the idea of getting a full latex doll heavy rubber outfit from those darth vader cultists with in SL to a fetish party, but more me a real me.

to recap if you've missed something: simply put i'm doing my best to restrict my dressin in second life to the items i own in real life.

sometimes even wearing both at the same time. so anything you'll see me in there i do own. i know i'm being pretty limited in there - a place dedicated to shopping for the most part it seems. but i am sort of training myself. thats how i see it anyway.

slowly burning my avatar and my virtual latex wearing into my teeny silly dolly head... hehe...

now that i have it, i'm not sure the best way to proceed and open t suggestions. i know zentai suits are pretty cheap but i don't want to needlessly waste one now do i?

please post any real experiences with ink, special pens or whatever on lycra or other fabrics. or even other ways i could do this?


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fellowfetishenthusiast said...

hey, i know this is an old post of yours, put i like to browse around and find stuff i haven't seen before. first i'd like to thank you for keeping this blog up and running and constantly update, i've been a fan for quite a while now and love this site and your work. now i have a suggestion. instead of painting directly on to the face of the zentai, (which could look tacky), i thought you could buy one of those cheap white plastic mardi gras masks, because they are simply blank white female face shaped, they are the perfect canvas and would go great with your white zentai, you simply put whatever makeup you want on the mask, put on over the white zentai suit and there ya go. also i've been thinking up an idea, and thought you might be interested. as you know, liquid latex combines with any porous material permanently, especially spandex, so what i've been working on is, ive been applying black liquid latex on one of my zentai suits, and so far, so good, i've been doing limb by limb, as it is a tedious process. so for you, maybe you could take a flesh colored zentai suit, flesh colored liquid latex and paint the whole thing over, take one of the mardi gras masks i mentioned earlier, put it over the finished zentai head, then paint the whole face mask with the liquid latex paint so it becomes the same color and melds to the suit. then walla!! a doll-suit! a full body one at that made of latex!
if you have any questions, or want any details as to the best place to get zentai, cheapest place for liquid latex, and ideas and tips for application, please don't hesitate to email me at