Tuesday, November 07, 2006

padding for a doll box..

i found one of these at the mall in some cheesy way overpriced gimick shop and loved the feeling of them. so i did what i always do - not buy it then but check ebay to see if they're there cheaper.

of course they were... and can be found here.

think of it a lycra coated bean bag but with a couple of differences: the lycra material is pretty pervy and smooth by itself (like high priced lycra tights) and the beans are replaced with teeny weeny little plastic beads not much larger than sand it seems.

so it finally arrived this morning and i was able to have a fondle of it... its pretty close to how i remember it but i think the surface isn't as 'slick' as the one in the mall.

my idea was thus... wonder what a bed covered with them would be like. padded lined case for a doll? i'd just sink into them and not want out.



Anji said...

I bought a couple of those in a shopping centre about a year ago. They are truly amazing things!

Bradley said...

I've seen them too, they are too cute...only thing that's kept me from buying one or two or a dozen is that at least where *I* am, these things come with a sticker or a label saying "These are NOT pillows and should not be used as such..."

Huh?? Okay....so if they can't be used for what seems to be their main function, then what's the point? :p *lol*

But seriously, has anyone had any problems with using these things the way they *look like* they are supposed to be used? I'm curious, the tags and labels suggest they'd fall apart if you so much as breathed on them, but I get it, that is just *lawyer-ese* for you.

Evil Dolly said...

Moshi is one of the makers of those microbead pillows. They just feel so fascinating. I've collected half a different ones from Linens n Things. You're right, the lycra feels different, some are thicker, smoother, or more coarse depending on the maker. I have some pink and purple ones covered with supersoft fur on one side. They would make for a nice box padding. Once I had a sub doubled over the edge of the bed for a paddling, and though she was blindfolded, her fingers sought out the squishy pillow she knew to be on the bed, and she just kept kneading it like a security blanket the whole time.

Hmm a hood of the stuff is an interesting idea, though. One made out of hollow ball with an opening would fit over the head quite comfortably.

Gets me thinkin'.. a pair of zentai-like lycra suits sewn together (inner and outer) and stuffed with those microbeads. Probably make you like kinda plushy and thick, but might feel awesome. Making a bed of it would probably be easy if you know someone with a sewing machine.

Bradley said...

Evil Dolly,

This reminds me of a "living ragdoll" bodysuit I had been trying to work out for years. :) It would be pretty much as you described it, except...

--on the first layer of lycra that goes against the skin, some body parts would have to be wrapped in an elastic bandage before the second layer goes on (knees, elbows, hands, etc.) so that the plushie-doll to be moves like a stuffed toy...

--I am kinda torn on how tight and tightly packed the second layer should be...too tight and the plushie isn't soft anymore, she has trouble moving and heat is an issue. Too loose and there's *too much* give and you start to run into the firm points of the lady dolly underneath...ooops, pardon me for referring to the doll in the feminine, bad habit of mine, sorry....

But yeah. :) I have given *lots* of doll suits some serious thought, it's just, well, with no budget and no real-time, face-to-face ladies to work with, you know, it's not easy getting it past the planning stages.

(not to mention, there is the face issue...stuffing the whole face versus letting the doll see and breathe easily. And well...my little thing about not dealing so well with the whole "faceless" zentai look--I'm sorry, but I can't deal so well with blankness where a face should be, it's just one of my things, sorry....)

But I just thought you'd like to know you're not the only one engineering doll suits (that aren't necessarily catsuits). :)

Have fun! :)