Thursday, November 16, 2006

where do you spend your online time?

i'm thinking of another survey about where people spend time when they're online but i bet i only know a few of them.

so far the catergories are:

- yahoo
- msm
- aol
- myspace
- facebook
- secondlife
- world of warcraft

are there more i should add to the list?



Anonymous said...


Only since about the 12th of May 2004 ^_^

Yup thats a good one

Bradley said...

I'd think a pair of "Other" categories might well cover the rest:

Other--Chat Room, and Other--PHP Web Forum.

Unless you go by what Mark (BlackIce) says and include or something.

Just saying, I hope this works.

(and hoping at some point that I can get things stable enough at my end to move beyond Yahoo without perpetual crash and/or glitch worries)

Dark said...

I surf with Firefox from site to site... politics, weather, ballet, sailing, fetish... ebay... and follow links. Chat with a few friends on Yahoo and get email via AOL. I am thinking of using Gmail now...

Anonymous said...

Second Life