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Hypnosis the path to enlightenment or....?

Hypnosis the path to enlightenment or…
How to get a girl in 5 easy steps or..
What does this button do…?

Seriously this is something close to my heart, some basic and not so basic information on hypnosis in relation to the more kinky and fetish related lifestyles.

I will start with the basics before we get into the fun stuff so please bare with me.

On the most simplified level a good definition of hypnosis is a shift of awareness hypnosis works its as simple as that it works. Now that iss a pretty outlandish statement so let me proof positive that first.

Everyone who has read a book, newspaper, story online or erotic fiction, anyone who has listened to a speech, to music or watched a movie and become emotional, elation, happiness, sadness.. By the very nature your awareness shifted your mind acted on the stimuli becoming more suggestable being drawn into the movie or book, feeling for the characters, you on the most basic of levels were hypnotised.

Once you get passed that simple idea we can continue.

My past, i'm a semi professional hypnotist and Master (I say semi professional because I don't do it for money) pretty much when I started out as a Master, with my first explorations into the kinky side of life. A natural talent for hypnosis, hypnotic domination, my specialty became online training and hypnosis but I have also enjoyed alot of real world fun stuff.

About 10% of the people can be hypnotised easily 40% with a little work and 50% with alot of effort, I have not met anyone in 12 years I couldn't hypnotise.

What is impossible ? You can't tell someone they can fly then expect them to flap there wings and fly away, you cant usually order someone to kill themselves or do themselves actual physical harm. A soft limit exists where by your mind rebels against any act or instruction that goes against your nature or harms you (I call it soft because you can get past that although its something I will not teach anyone).

What is possible ? With an honest person who is willing to explore this with you, pretty much there is no boundaries.

Examples of past help (these examples are given with permission names changed) A 34 year old woman Jane, she had never had an orgasm in her life, no man had ever been able to help her when she was 15 her boyfriend wanted to have sex. They played around in the room next to where the parents were sleeping. She became so frightened of making a noise while he had his fun it created a barrier, all her relationships since then she would throw off or totally freak out when becoming close to orgasm. After spending 3 days with her online much to her disbelief well lets just say she his having alot of fun now. How did I do it, I regressed her into her past and temporarily replaced that event with a decision that she was waiting for the right man to come along and that is why she couldn't orgasm, so when I brought her back to present day I was able to tell her to go to her bedroom and well the rest is history.

I will not say it was easy it wasn't, I tried many approaches.

A girl (not my first) who came to me as a submissive wishing to be a pony girl, now we are not talking about the play pony girls we are talking a girl who wanted her voice box destroyed, her legs broken and reformed so that she could never walk upright again, I could take no part of that, but with alot of talking, what I did do was temporarily convince her mind that her voice box was gone and that she could not walk upright.

A lovely career girl working for a great legal firm, no boyfriend no want or need but was having deep longings and desires to be a doll, this was totally at odds with her career and was making her depressed and harming her whole life, with training I managed to create a doll persona within her, at work she was even more focused more energy but when she got home, her mind would go blank, clothes would come off replaced with a latex dolly uniform and she could live that life.

How real can it be: Completely 100% life changing real, the human mind is a wonderful device and on a very basic level your replacing real stimulus with an illusion but if your good enough, a simple test I did once was a command word for a girl. When she heard it she would experience one of her most romantic fantasies, being made love too in the middle of a forest by a knight, when she woke from it, it had been so real to her it took her 10 minutes of confusion wondering how she got back to her house.

Yes both permanent aswell as temporary is possible, you can make a person forget there name change there likes or desires BUT it takes work and honesty (more about it later)

Now on to the serious part There is alot of pretenders out there, if you try this don't blame yourself if it fails, I see it far too often, far too easy to blame the sub/pet/slave.

There is also alot of total and complete bitches/bastards, these are the ones who are selfish and deceptive, they don't care about you, they will use generic mp3 files on there site, "how to be a success" "how to get ahead in life" these mp3's don't work on too many but they catch the suggestable ones, the very ones that need more care..

LLE and other organisations run by power mad and ego trippers who will get you to pay there bills, who will turn you into a drone then send you out to give those same mp3's your friend, to spread the word, its a cult full of preening ego Mistress and Masters.

(I've personally heard of girls being taken then giving those mp3's to there sister and mother)

Not only do they focus on subs/slaves/suggestables they also go after Masters and Mistress to add to there "stable"

I personally class them as worse than goreans (not the roleplay ones the real lifestylers).

All the time it feeds the ego of the "leader" to take these people, to use them financially, mentally and physically.

A person who lies to you who gets you involved by deception is selfish and deceptive you will be in trouble.

I would never use generic mp3's or lie, yes I know the idea of being taken is very erotic, as is the idea of mind control and such But remember, when your in so deep your sending your whole paycheck to a person when you no longer eat or live except for them, when you quit your job, cut yourself off from all loved ones and friends when your living for someone who has not the slightest interest in your happiness, why should she be when she can with a word fool you that your ecstatic and in bliss.

Let me explain something to you that is very important, there isn't that many really good Hypnosis experts who specialise in this field and even less who do it for the good of the sub/slave/suggestable.

There is some who are good, whose first concern will be your mental health, who will spend time with you talk to you, explore your desires and then explain was is going to happen, make sure its what you want, what you desire. Who will be focused on your needs when you get to that point where you can't think of them yourself, who will work on feedback from you not assumptions or a script, who can and will take you so deep you loose yourself but they are there holding you and keeping you safe.

Very like a good Master, a slave gives themselves completely to you, to be a good Master you haveto return the favour, they put you first, they give you the greatest gift ever themselves and that is priceless, a good Master will be paying that back for the rest of his life if he is honest and genuine.

My advice is this, be very wary of mp3 gifts from "happy" sources, be careful, for hypnosis to work in a healthy way, to safely explore your desires and needs it hasto be a very personal journey between you and the hypnotist.

A good hypnodom will want to know you, what you want who you are, and will NEVER rush you.

Every girl, woman, boy and man i've helped and explored hypnosis and submission with has been unique and thus every session is also unique.

Thanks to Asudem for her permission to post this.

If you want to know more (this is really only scratching the surface) my contact details are given here.

yahoo pyros24uk


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Anonymous said...

So tell us... What does a slave actually give? And what does the master actually give back? How can you tell that the exchange is in balance and one is not getting "ripped off? Can a master get taken by a slave? Doesn't seem so on the face of it.. does it?

Calranthe said...

I love people who comment and don't have the fortitude or belief to put there name.

Let me first define some subject matter.

By slave I encompass submissive, pet and any other term given, all have different meanings and levels of submission but for ease of use I will use the term slave.

By Master I encompass general terms for Mistress, Domme, Dom.

No matter what some like to think the slave actually makes the decision to serve and who to serve.

Any good Master will respect the courage and strength it takes a person to put themselves in another persons care.

There are two parts to the slave formula, the first being the person giving of self, the second is being honesty and trust.

Now lets look at the Master.
some weak willed Masters are in it for ego or power trips, they are control freaks looking for sex slaves etc completely selfish and to be avoided at all costs.

A good Master can happily let go and be a slave themselves the simple reasoning being, if a Master knows what its like to be on the other end of the scale they are more likely to look after and be a Good Master.

Honor, trust, love and honesty.

If any part of the above isn't met things can fail.

IF the pet is lying or isn't genuine then the Master looses out, if the Master is a liar or has no honor, the pet looses out.

Now we have the definitions down Mr anonymous lets deal with your question.

"What does a slave actually give ?"
A slave, a pet, a sub in general gives themselves, this is far beyond normal love and devotion, this is a human being giving themselves to another.

Now any Good Master or Mistress will see this gift for what it is, priceless completely and totally priceless, think about it for a second, that slave is actually a human being and they are giving themselves to a Master.

"What does the Master actually give back?"
When receiving that kind of gift a good Master a genuine Mistress will give of herself or himself in return.

Take responsibility for the slave, will realise that he now has the responsibility of looking after another human beings whole life.

(this is part of what gets me really mad when I see Masters with 2-9 slaves like trophies, how the hell can that man give 100% to each of them and be caring for them completely)

Mental health, physical health and wellbeing, if your slave is ill, you hold her in your arms comfort her and be there for her.

If she has work problems or life problems you spend time with her you shed a tear with her.

You as the Master if an honest and genuine Master give of yourself.

"How can you tell the exchange is in balance and one is not getting "ripped off?""

IF the Master is good his first priority will be his charge, he will always keep an eye on it, yes in a bad relationship and sadly there are many many examples of it, the slave gives and gives and gives and the Master takes and takes..

In a good relationship it is in balance naturally.

This is why I tell anyone thinking of being a Master to really think about it, yes you can go the gore way or the power tripper way and sadly I see that too much and see alot of hurt slaves, but if you go the right way the rewards are amazing but you will be crying and healing and caring for two people.

"Can A Master get taken by a slave?"
Yes Every slave i've looked after has taken me to a lesser or greater extent only gorean Masters think they are perfect, I have been hurt, I have felt the loss.

"Doesn't seem so on the face of it..does it?"

No not on the shallow face of it that some skim, but I know of a Master in france whose slave was diagnosed with cancer, I forget the name but by the time they found out it had riddled her body, he spent every day at her bedside and held her hand as she died, then he took an overdose and killed himself.

Love honor and trust.

I am the original poster,
In SL I am Calranthe Charlton
on yim im pyros24uk

Please feel free to discuss this with me.

WinterRose said...

Awww, some prodomme got ownt....