Wednesday, November 01, 2006

more to the page....

i had an email from someone who just realised that there was more than one page to this blog.

YES!!! its TRUE!!!

the blogger automatically shifts the months posts along into previous months.

previous entries lists aren't complete either, so best to go month by month too.

so if you did miss something or only read the visible page then dive into the archive, there's almost a year of content.


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Bradley said...

Hello. :) I just thought I'd let folks isn't entirely the fault of the person who asked the question, you know, about whether there was more than one page to the blog.

I mean, Asudem did cover this fairly well in the "problems with Blogger" post, but for a couple of weeks about a month ago, I did have much the same problem in that the internal links, the stuff to the *right* hand side of the Doll's Realm page, either wouldn't load at all, or only partly loaded at the *bottom* of the page.

And well, no links means no access to the prior, archived goodies. :)

So yeah, I just thought I'd say, just to be fair...sometimes the page doesn't load properly and as a result, if you don't *know* better, people can get the wrong idea.

Thanks for your time. (and yes, this is what "Refresh" buttons are for, *lol*)