Tuesday, November 07, 2006

retro 60's italian film with frozen women

the 60's seems to be a hot bed of kinky films - if you can find them... normally they play late at night on some obscure channel. thanks to zapped! for the find

these stills are from the italian film "Se tutte le donne del mondo" also known as:


(1966) pop chic spy action; Italian/USA co-production in English language shot in Rio de Janiero; directed by Arduino Maiuri and Harry Levin; starring Mike Connors (about a year before he became MANNIX) Dorothy Provine Raf Vallone Terry-Thomas Margaret Lee Nicoletta Machiavelli Marilu Tolo and Beverly Adams; a spy goes to Brazil to stop a mad scientist bend on world domination with his sterilization satellite; original Italian title SE TUTTE LE DONNE DEL MONDO... (If All The Women in The World...); also known as OPERATION PARADISE;

and one copy is from Video Search of Miami - available here.

anyone seen it? its notable for having women frozen and stored in glass cases... yummy.



anthryax said...

Loved it and saw a couple of times in the late 1970s on tv.

I immediately ordered it when I saw it was available. Thanks

Asudem Latex said...

what - just now?

care to share? hehe


jsan said...

hey you people stop taking pictures of my lab and collection!!can't a mad evil genius have a hobby?!