Monday, April 28, 2008

latex leggings backlash?

sent to me from the UK from a London newspaper called the 'Standard' and its color magazine from last friday the 25h. it seems there's the beginning of a backlash against celebrities wearing latex legging's (does Wendy count?). or maybe its just against size 0 chicken legs. i can't really say.

maybe its just fashion or celeb spotting journalists being bitchy which is really rare as that entire industry is so polite and restrained.

what are your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

Personally, I wouldn't sweat this.

For starters, if the pages you scanned are any indication, these people hardly know *what it is* they're being snippy about, calling things a "leather" look when it's clearly been faux latex all this time. This sounds like the rantings of *one or two* uninformed members of the press really...

And for enders...there will be a *lot less* to rant against once women figure it out that they *all* don't have to look identical. You mentioned the scrawny "chicken leg" factor...well, frankly, I'm seeing a bit too much "basic black" myself, I prefer a bit more *color* to the tight-n-shiny myself. So perhaps some of the "backlash" is against the color's being overused, and will go away somewhat once other shades get out there.

And as has been mentioned here frequently, there are a lot of folks getting "on the bandwagon" with mediocre product. Few things suck harder than *shabby, baggy* faux latex leggings, right? ^_^

I wouldn't sweat it. This looks like a minor hiccup at best, and at worst...well, even if it's a huge backlash, at least then things go back to being underground, which is sure to make purists happy at least. (*shrugs*) Not to mention, it would drive prices down somewhat.

Either way, it's a win-win. ^_^ Dollies always smile and find the *positive* outcome, right?

--Brad Poe

WendyB said...

LOL @ "celebrity."
It's just such a typical unimaginative article: Something was good, now it must be bad. Reminds me of the one I just read about how heels are going out of style. Please. I bet red lipstick has gone in and out a dozen times in the years I've worn it. Wear what you want -- that's what I say.

SanderO said...

Fashion marketing is all about making people (women) buy and wear stuff because someone tells them it's cool. But they change
what's "cool" so they can sell more fashion.

Fashion as art can be very cool, but very few women can look like a work of art. Some have great bods and can nail a "look", but even when they do, they look like mindless bots programmed to consume.

I never understood the whole logo pattern and insignia that women and now men wear. How creepy is it to be a walking advertisement and pay huge bucks to do it? It's majorly creepy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well what do they know. Didn't the industry critic icon recently put Posh on the year's worst dressed? IMO she's one of the few girls out in celebrityville with admirable taste.
I guess it's always been that way, I remember when spandex disco jeans were all the rage and before long you even saw sexy bottoms stuffed in them at the grocery store. To my expected horror it wasn't long before many in the fashion world began to shun them as tacky and try and convince all that eye candy that they'd be the laughingstock if they were caught in public with them on.

(they haven't come "back" yet but the originals command top dollar on ebay. I have about a half dozen pairs. the best are the ones with vertical stretch only, that's the key to that "hooker walk" butt.)