Saturday, April 19, 2008

now on technorati?

umm while it was only a few minutes ago i lost track of exactly how i discovered that this blog has an entry on technorati.

no idea really how it works or what 51 blog reactions means precisely. or what an authority of 12 means.

have a look at the entry here.

still waiting on that email from Marquis Magazine to fly me to germany for a photo shoot and free latex .. ;-)



SanderO said...

They might if you sent them so photos of you and you looked like someone who would work for them.

Many models start with a BF photographer and a web site then go into a pay web site and then are picked up by the big guys for publicity.

Are you ready to be revealed to the world?

Asudem Latex said...

it was part of my new years resolution to get some good photo's done and then uploaded. i've so far kept to my other two resolutions of being 1/2 latex all the time and sticking to 5 inch heels.

so its now just a matter of time and budget before i get the photo's done.