Thursday, April 10, 2008

more english fetish fiction

i had a feeling, maybe my growing 'doll sense', that i should revisit Fetish Dreams as they might just have new english stories up. when i did follow this sensation i was rewarded by finding a whole new set of english stories which is very rare as they don't appear on the site too frequently.

one of my favorites from the new update is a called 'Clothing' by Latex Circle and you can find it here. the above image was the inspiration for it as all stories published on the site draw elements and a narrative from the illustrators very kinky work.

i liked the premise so much that i am just rounding it out for my own amusement, adding details and more flesh too it. i would never put it up here but rather will send it to the author via the website to see what he/she says. then maybe it can be shared with all.


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