Saturday, April 19, 2008

so ahead of the fashion curve

as super high heels are now in! or at least coming in - soon.

maybe all the designers read my blog and noticed my bitching about lack of styles in high heels. well now there's definately more of them and the even have a name of 'limo heels' as defined by the urban dictionary here as they're most evident when starlets and singers get out of limos and of course no one is expected to walk very far in them now are they?


These shoes weren't made for walking! Who can wear this summer's 7in-high heels?

Ladies, consign your Crocs to the cupboard, bin your Birkenstocks and unburden yourself of your Uggs. This year, it's all about heels. And not just any heels: the only ones to be seen in are those preceded by adjectives such as "vertiginous", "teetering" and "skyscraper".

They have even been dubbed "limo heels" - a reference to the fact that they are usually worn by Hollywood starlets who rarely have (or would physically be able) to totter farther than the few steps that separate their limo from the red carpet.

These heels were never meant for anything as prosaic as walking: they are made to be seen.

But this season, "limo heels" have broken free of the red carpet and are heading for the High Street.

The highest of all - ones that will have your podiatrist in despair - are a Louis Vuitton pair with heels that stand a staggering 17cm.

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SanderO said...

More shoes, yes, but most shown are hideously ugly and platforms too. ICK.

Tall spike heels look good in proportion to the foot. Small feet in 4's look the same as larger in 5's.

It's the rare gal (maybe 1 in 50) who can walk in them with grace and the rest look like idiots.

Practice makes perfect.

Podiatrists are making a fortune!

Anonymous said...

Asudem, I am sure that you would love to have some of these ad train yourself in them. I can imagine you in the ones that the model is wearing

Anonymous said...

just found this news item:

Gwyneth Paltrow's guide to wearing six-inch heels: Employ a bodyguard to help you stay upright