Tuesday, April 29, 2008

libidex suits up

just in from Libidex's newsletter is this interesting fashion cross over:

Toni & Guy the hairdressers asked us to come up with something a bit special for their latest show at Olympia. We came up with several different looks - and this was one of the results! Toni & Guy were so pleased with it, they've taken it on their touring show too.

love to see some better and much larger shots of the suit as after some looking i didn't find it on Toni % Guy's home page. the style is sort of space age meets doll girl. wonder how it all went down with the fashion audience? did they have to make a few too? where to they end up. i think i need to write them and ask...

..and i've been promised a youtube link by the end of the day their fashion show as filmed by Black Ice at Easter's Torture Garden in March. apparently it was filmed in 3D video and its been converted down to 2D for youtube. i'll add it here once its been emailed into me.



SanderO said...

Wow... This may be a unpopular opinion, but that was a pretty tacky show. I suppose this is inevitable as marketers look for hooks to push latex.

Great workmanship on the clothes, but I feel that this marketing will kill a good thing at the rate they are going. Why are latex shows so campy? It's as if they need to make fun of things... any thing...when latex is worn "on stage". What's with that?

Anonymous said...

Off topic but thought this might be of interest.

Anonymous said...

I think the camp factor is there because it's become a sub-style in and of itself...what was once a *defense* against people's being really *threateningly* uptight has now become so commonplace that people find a thrill in clowning around... It's like Pavlov's dog, if you associate the defense of a fetish (the camp "humor") with the arousal the fetish brings, and you do so long enough, eventually the defense/camp humor becomes a second-order fetish in and of itself. An objectification *of* an objectification if you will.

Hey, I'm not one to talk. ^_^ One could consider dolling itself second-order as well, since it's about (or *can be* about) the gestalt effect of multiple other fetishes (corseting, high heels, bodysuits of *some* tight-n-shiny material, "plastic" hair/accessories, and also highly stilted, stylized submissive behavior).

But yeah. Some folks might get their kicks from the camp itself.

And if not...there's always the Valley of the Uncanny to consider.

Not just the notion that "someone's broken" when they look too much like an object, ok?

But also the notion that someone could be "broken" by being too flagrantly androgynous too. o_o The Valley of the Uncanny covers a lot of ground, and the "is this even the right gender?" thing is one of those things it *can* cover.

So rather than take *that* question seriously and open a massive social can of worms, people instead treat the whole thing as a joke, and nobody ever asks "Do actual birth women DO this, or is this all just a bunch of femmey guys playing dress-up?"

I can see why, finally. I didn't always have this clue, but I guess it's just that folks find it offensive when *one* kind of self-admitted "freak" calls another person on "being a freak". It could be hypocritical.

Never mind that as hurtful and politically incorrect as the question is...it does need asking once in a while.

Oh well, what can you do?

--Brad Poe (who occasionally gets tired of guys playing dressup, even if they're really *good* at it)

alphaxanon said...

Well, you've gotta remember who the audience is and where they're doing these fashion shows, i.e. a bunch of clubbers in the middle of a dance club at around midnight, who would probably be bored to tears and fall asleep with anything less stimulating such as a conventional fashion show.

Then you've got to remember that the models themselves are basically professional clubbers anyway, not your regular anorexic fashion models. Let them do what they're good at.

More proof that you don't actually participate in latex/fetish culture, SanderO...

But there are actual fashion shows with latex designers. There's one on youtube with Pretty Pervy and Kaori Matsubara. Search there for London Alternative Fashion Week.

Anonymous said...

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