Tuesday, April 08, 2008

more on the mythical heeled rain boots

well i'm still looking for them and my best place to find them seems to be ebay in germany which i access via their UK site so the words are in english. when i do a search from the standard ebay.com they simply don't appear. is europe off limits to us here in North America as thats where all the good latex is, more so if your buying second hand or by new designers.

here's a selection of recent finds which are all ended now.

there seems to be loads of styles out there over the years but sadly nothing that would fit me and within my current price range. i admit its a bit of a quest now and needing the higher heels for my own training is the problem too. but i am simply fixated and in love with this idea of molded rubber or plastic footwear. i don't know why, maybe its the entire thing about human forms being molded in some ways - and that this is just the start of it as the boots get taller and taller... or kinkier still that there's a machine you could be put into... 

some good did come of it though, the black and pink short high heeled boots which had previously done an entry about last year were briefly for sale in germany and this time in blue and white. the thing is that they actually gave the designers name!!!

they're by Kenneth Cole and click the link to see the original listing and how much they went for.



Throughfare said...

Hi AsudemLatex-

eBay restricts the items that users in a given area- say the USA- can see from foreign areas. in particular, sellers have to specify that they want larger access. Kind of paternalistic, but they figure you might be "poor confused little dears" if you were to see listings not in English, or without specific shipping instructions to the US, etc..

There's a way to get your eBay browser to show product listings everywhere- here's how:

Click the option for "Advanced Search" beside the Search buton, then on the Advanced Search page go down to the "Location" section.

Make sure the "Preferred Locations" radio button is selected, then click the little down arrow & you will see that one of the options is "Worldwide", select this, and you will find that you will get exponentially more listings resulting from your search- everyone from around the world who has used the English word in their title will show up.

With the new option, and a little language practice, you can find even more great listings- for example Gummi will pull up all-German latex listings. For fun, try entering cagoule latex and see what pops up :)


Kramel65 said...

I agree with throughfare. When I list things on e-bay I usually restrict the sale to either the UK or EU, depending on the value. It's not an anti-American thing, just that I have the ability to bank Sterling and Euros easily without getting hit with ridiculous currency exchange charges and without having to keep an eye on currency fluctuations

Anonymous said...

Those would certainly be handy here in scandinavia. As for present no decent priced boots are on the marked, and that's poses a problem when one usses prctically heelles shoes normally. I can't use as high heels as i would want in partyes becuse my feets aren't accustomied to them