Saturday, April 19, 2008

so how was it?

did anyone go to RWR? how was it?

i read on conscious object's livejournal that she went to one of the parties and made some observations that i'd agree with. one reason i'm desperately trying to get over to the UK for their big balls - be it the Torture Garden Birthday the first weekend of May which is sadly now totally unlikely or the Skin Two Ball in the fall.

well one down and one to go. i'll definitely be aiming for the fall one as my work screwed me on the May event.


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SanderO said...

Fetish events are tending to be the "same", The same mix of full on fetish costumes, toss in lots of bod mod people and goths, a few slackers who make a feeble effort at the dress code and come to gawk, and some form of a show, and of course some dungeon gear for "play" for those who want to do a little BDSM. They often have a DJ, and usually way too loud music so conversation is almost impossible. But you do get to see a bunch of fetish outfits and "freaks" all gathered in the same place.

Size of the events vary from the huge SKII ball in London to monthly fetish nights of the Baroness, in Losidia, NY.

If you want to wear fetish and be not hassled or perhaps be complimented these are the events to go to for that. Wearing fetish on the street and to vanilla events you get anything from not noticed right through to hostility, though if you are not too over the top you are increasingly accepted as just a fashionista with a pervy slant.

Having been to a few of these events, I no longer will make the effort of take on the expense, but I am glad that I have done.

In looking back, my fav fetish venue was Justines where you could dress, see others in "streetable" fetish gear. They had a nice bar, vids going on, a kinky themed interior design, staff in fetish gear and excellent food plus the occasional kinky play. You could go for a pleasant meal, have a conversation and be with other fetish people or meet new ones if you are the type to mix at a bar.

Personally, some of the extreme bod mods looks frighten me and aren't the least bit attractive. This includes ink and piercings. Most are a turn off and the bigger events pull these people in, in numbers. Def not my taste. But you gotta take the good with the bad.

I suspect the the EU events are better than those in the USA. Ms RW the first year was so so, not well attended and the competition took up too much time, the bar ran dry and there was no dancing, only awful loud music.

These events need to be scheduled in Spring or Fall too, because the last in NYC it was the coldest day of the year - very unappealing for latex and mid summer would be the reverse - you sweat up a river.

I'm sure these events will get better and I was pretty certain the the Doll 08 was going to be 99% cross dressers or female maskers. If that floats your boat, go for it. While some of these dolls are impressive in their transformations, it is of no interest to me as my concept of a doll is a female (to female) doll. And I have no interest in drag queen shows either. Not my cuppa. Different strokes, as they say.