Monday, April 07, 2008

RWR no 1 - anyone going?

the day is closing fast and i won't be going as I'm trying to arrange a trip to London for the Torture Garden Birthday Party in the beginning of May which is less than a month away.

so is anyone going and can report back on the RWR?

in case your living under a stone or not seen the relentless postings on the related message boards then here's a recap of the:

The top ten reasons for attending the inaugural RubberDoll World Rendezvous:

10. Receive a commemorative Event Patch, personally commissioned by
Princess Rebecka, as a small token of her appreciation for those
involved in this historic event. (Only 300 patches were made.
Following the event, the excess patches will be destroyed.

9. Shopping! Numerous products offered by some excellent vendors!

8. Female mask auctions featuring masks by Photogenic
And Mask Beauty!

7. Dungeon playroom available 24 hrs/ day through the event.

6. See a live demonstration of a Femskin Suit!

5. Never before offered workshops & classes just for RubberDolls!

4. Off site RubberDoll excursions!
Visit the Minneapolis Rubber Ball! And the famous Ground Zero

3. Meet Miss Rubber World 2008 Steffy the RubberDoll!

2. Meet Celebrity Rubber Mistresses! To include Jean Bardot and Amanda Wildefyre!

1. Meet & mingle for a weekend of Erotic RubberDoll Bliss with the
largest group of RubberDolls ever assembled in one place because…..

Join our Yahoo Group to help plan your RWR experience.

Speaking of Planning! Burn a copy of your favorite tunes for our RWR
Socials Friday & Saturday nights!

Post to the RWR "I Will Be There" Database to promote yourself & make
new friends in advance of the event!

If you are curious about RubberDolls and want to learn more join my
RubberDoll Boot Kamp! Be sure to check the links section for
valuable RubberDoll Resources.

To chat with other RubberDolls, visit Friday Night Doll Talk. We
meet at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time (USA, Chicago). We have a Chat
Room just for RubberDolls!

See you there!


Sweet Dreams…
Princess Rebecka


Anonymous said...

sounds amazing...wish i lived closre to the fun! have a blast.

xx, m

K-8 said...

Are they going to be at the Ground Zero both Friday and Saturday night then?

And is there more information on this Minneapolis Rubber Ball offsite-excursion thing?