Tuesday, April 22, 2008

new melissa's

my fascination and obsession with Melissa shoes continues as i'm still waiting for someone to make full boots in them and also much higher heels to fit in with my heel training. 

so i keep an eye on what they release each season and have just discovered that punk designer Vivienne Westowood is now offering a range of designs with these cute plastic shoes.

from V Magazine:

Brazilian shoe label Melissa has collaborated in the past with the likes of Judy Blame, Karim Rashid, and Alexandre Herchcovitch, but never before has the brand signed with a designer quite as groundbreaking and iconic as Vivienne Westwood. The collaboration resulted in plastic Mary Janes in the colors of the British flag, which were launched this week.

Vivienne Westowood's presence in São Paulo for the debut of the line is being celebrated with the Vivienne Westwood Shoes exhibit, containing 147 pairs of shoes created by the designer throughout her career (yes, the platform heels responsible for Naomi's famous fall on the catwalk are there).

Ms. Westwood refused staying at the modern Unique hotel as soon as her car pulled in front of the watermelon-shaped building, and asked to be taken to a cozier place. After her quick (and very low profile) pit stop in São Paulo, she is headed to the Amazon.

the new range has triggered interest from a range of websites wether it's Cool Hunting, The International Herald Tribune a sustainable lifestyle magazine or just the fashion bloggers Miss Crew and Manila Fashion Observer.

apparently they're already on sale in brazil as a reader sent in a couple of snaps from a shop window.

visiting the Melissa home page in brazil here i noticed the combination of latex leggings and Melissa's with liquid like design - so i had to get a screen grab of it. seemed to just hit at a fantasy of mine to be slowly coated with warm plastic to make me a mannequin.

there's also a fair bit of chatter about them on the fashion spot which is where i go to check up on the latex legging trend to see if its still going.

as the only main Melissa site outside Brazil appears to be in Australia, i did have a brainwave to check ebay in Australia for used ones and found an ebay seller doing all the new line in a range of colours too here. they seem to have a pair that looks very much like wooden dutch shoes crossed with 'crocs', yet still no uber heels.... oh well maybe next season.



fellipec said...

I will try to take some pics to you of those shoes here in Brazil.

By the way, I think the leggings in mellisa's blog are not latex.

Angie said...

Red is my favorite color and I like to wear red stuff shoes always. Those attract me so much I need to see them in my feet.