Wednesday, April 23, 2008

superhero's spring from the page

don't really know how i missed this, maybe because i'm too busy browsing the overpriced european and british fashion magazines at borders for juicy tidbits to notice something actually creative, imaginative and interesting in May's issue of Vogue. apparently it does happen.

its a seven panel fashion shoot based around comic superheroines and full large scale scans along with more information can eb found where i tripped upon it at the fashion spot forum. or you could just go out an buy it.

better yet its all prelude to a major exhibition at the Costume Institute at the MET which starts on May 7th and runs till Sept 1st. If you can't make it there's a book of the exhibition available at some point.

wonder how much latex there will be on show?



alphaxanon said...

That is a really great take on Poison Ivy!

WendyB said...

I think it would be a great idea for you to do a latex FAQ as you mentioned in my comments!

Trav28 said...

I'm in NYC in June so will try and get some shots.

K-8 said...

I'm hoping they go for latex, rather than spandex...there seems to be two schools of thought on what a lot of those skintight costumes are made of exactly (I'm totally in the former camp, naturally ;-)).