Sunday, October 15, 2006

the dolls of halloween

its coming up pretty fast. september was too manic and i've just realised its the second week of october all ready,. where did the time go?

so what are people wearing for halloween? any parties? i heard that doll stephanie cleans up locally at competitions with her doll suit and mask..

images are alice in wonderland inspired dress. so kinda egl in nature. must be some other doll-ish costumes out there, links to any are welcomed.



Bradley said...

"Anti-Barbie" site...meh, spammers, how much more clueless can they get? -_-

There really ought to be a way to auto-flag these folks for abuse *on sight*....

But I digress, sorry. ^_^ On to the happy stuff!

*I* personally can't dress up for anything this Hallows....too poor, and not many costumes in existence *fit* an older chubby gentleman like myself anyway...but. :)

I *am* encouraging at least a couple of my online buddies to dress up! I've been in talks with one fellow, an apprentice of mine, seeing if I can't get him to go around as a Computer Nerd-styled Mad Scientist, complete with Remote-Controlled Girl (granted that last involves his finding a female friend to go along with it).

And, another female friend, a lady doll across the country, is going to do the EGL thing this Halloween...even though she's been tempted lately more by the "gothic" part of that equation, she's still going to be cute, I mean she describes her temptation as leaning towards "ebil" and not evil, if that is any indication. And she already has the pricey components to her outfit, the five inch heels and corset, all she really needs is the poofy dress and detail work to go on over that.

As for me....well, I do have two weeks still....and I am half-tempted to put out an "ad" somewhere looking to see if anyone local would want to be Barbie for the night, but....nah, there is just no telling what that might entail, not to mention that different folks have different strokes when it comes to trance (and even if I found someone and started today, just 2 weeks might not be enough time for the transformation of body and mind, *lol*).

Still...I am doing what I can. ^_^ In spite of folks like spammer-boy here. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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