Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hypnosis is it real or fake? RubberSlave writes...

First I want to introduce my self; my name is RubberSlave Leroux, in SL.
I have met the charming, Asudem. in a nice store selling fetish gear.
As we spoke the topic of hypnosis popped up.

I told Asudem, that I have experiencing, in RL; hypnotic adventures throw my hypnodoom, that really control me.

She asked me how it's like, what exactly I feel and I promised her, to write into her blog my adventure into the realm of hypnosis.

I must add that I was always, a bit submissive and always thought that strong and powerful women are really a turn on. J

Well it all started as a test, I was browsing the net for nice rubber garments, all kind of fetish gear and stumbled on the file of asfr faq here. I read it and as a fetish person, that like all the things that are spoken there, decided to try hypnosis which was something that I never tried.

I started to look in all kind of sites for hypno inductions, hypnodooms, etc. After a while of surfing, collecting and saving quit big amount of files, I have decided that its time to see if hypnosis really works.

I started to listen to all kind of files. Well, can't say I was blanked out, hypnotized mumblings like a zombie or something like that but I didn't give up, I continue my test.

First I was very open minded, I didn't came with the attitude, that it's a bullshit thing. Second, I just played along with the files, means I just was doing what was told but more role playing then actually getting hypnotized.

I assume that if I would have goon to a real hypnotist, she would have taken me into a deep hypnotic state really quick but as someone who never experience hypnosis and tried just files from the net its not so easy.

What did happened is, that in time a strange feeling started in my hands while I was relaxing. I felt like my fingers are touching one each other, although my hands where open wide. The feeling grow bigger and bigger in time, till it felt like my hands are pressed to the bed feeling like they are heavy like stone.

Then one day, I stumbled into a file, that was, I call it "the big success". I listened to it, the feeling at start was as I just described but it got even bigger and then something happened, the file was over, like there was something not right with the file. I remembered only the beginning and then heard the words "wide awake and feeling great".

I didn't understand at first, what happened. I thought that the file is corrupt but then something else happened to me. as I got up from the couch, I felt a strong need to kneel on the floor. Didn't know why but felt like I must do it. so it was kind of useless to fight this need.

I found myself kneeling on the floor, saying the sentence "I'm yours mistress, I'm yours mistress" again and again. while not thinking what I'm doing. I masturbated on the floor keeping repeating the words "I'm yours mistress".

After that I was really shocked of what just happened. I didn't understand how it happened nor why I have done it. I took the mp player and listen again, to the file but this time, without relaxing and with jumps. so if the file is what caused me to do this I wont do it again.

Well, the file was the thing that made me do, what just happened. It was all there. I immediately entered to the site of the hypnodoom, which made this file and bought from her 3 files, that she made for special conditioning and making you ready to become a slave in her dominion.

What happened next, I will write in the next part if Asudem will want me to continue?



Calranthe said...

I have nothing against anyones desires or needs, I myself am a semi professional online hypnotist and Dom, but there is many places and sites who hide there real purpose, people who are submissive or open to it can get completely trapped there is places like LLE, my advice keep away from them, a reputable hypnodom will talk to you, find out who you are, get to know you and make sure its what you want, NOT just for her/his selfish desires, My greatest pleasure comes from seeing someone i'm working with happy and mentally healthy enjoying there fantasy to the limit.

Calranthe (

WinterRose said...

VERY much seconded. I've looked at a few of the 'hypnosis' files out there from the LLE and a few others I will not even honor with a mention by name. These dommes don't seem so much interested in providing a great experience as ensuring your repeat business.

IE: "You will come back to my site over and over again... you will be unable to become aroused for any other, including your SO unless you come back... arousal for anyone else will result in physical pain for you, you will purchase and listen to my addicting files over and over again. Before you feel any pleasure from this file you paid for again, you need to go and do things for me like buy me stuff on my gift suggestion list and spam the everliving crap out of people's board's uninvited."

I wish I were exaggerating or joking. Some inductions, the LLE included, DO make suggestions like these. I've spoken with dommes who worked with people like this once. Read that again. ONCE. They got sick of that callous disregard for their clients and the greed as well. For their sake, I won't start naming names here. Suffice to say, my own rants against one in particular were found to be well founded.

That said... if you start purchasing, (or otherwise procuring) audio files made by these women, you have signed no agreement to use them EXACTLY as you found them.

Put on some jangly music and the television. Enough to keep you distracted enough to start falling under or into a trance if you are indeed rather susceptible to such things. Listen to it in an audio editing program that can peruse and edit the waveform. (I bet you something like that came with your soundblaster or something. I use Cool Edit Pro 2 myself.)

And whenever you hear a suggestion she makes that you don't like or agree with? Like language meant to addict you to a specific person without regard to your real life? Or things that can put a wedge in your emotional well being? Make you do foolish things like spend money you can't afford on a 3rd or 4th IPOD for a woman that really couldn't give a rat's ass about you?

Highlight that section of the waveform. Hit the delete key with extreme predjudice. Computers are wonderful things aren't they? I've reduced some dommes' files by as much as 5 minutes after removing suggestions that I LOVE them without regard for anyone else, or any number of the clandestinely worded suggestions I mentioned above.

I've found a couple of really good online hypnodommes out there. I may even mention them by name in order to get people to see GOOD examples of online hypnosis instead of bad in the next revision of my FAQ. But it always pays to preview ANY file you use first. It's YOUR mind. You get a total of one in a lifetime. Mess it up at your peril. PLEASE be careful with it.

That said... have fun.

-author of...

Hypnotize said...

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Lord_Darkclaw said...

Well, if you really found a file that works, I'd love to hear it. What is the file and where can I find it?

I don't believe it really worked; none of them do. The truth is that there is no such thing as hypnosis.

summerson said...

I really like the thought of beeing controlled by someone! I already downloaed some files and made the experience that hypnosis does work (at least a little). But i still havent found a file that made me kneel on the floor. i really love to hear that file (or anything similar) please tell me wehre i can find it. (or any similar) thx, summer