Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i didn't get to the Skin Two Ball this year....

...but in a way i did thanks to black ice's shot.

seems there's photo studios in SL which can have both posses, lighting and backgrounds loaded into them. this is my first try and i think it came out really really well. all i needed wa a wide empty shot of the location, in this case before the party got going at TG friday night part of the ball weekend.

it seem to be pretty fiddly, and it took me way longer than planned but now i can say i was there. maybe SL needs to get advertising and a portal into some clubs with video projectors and computers? like a window into the virtual world.


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blackice said...

Wow - that worked well indeed!!

Glad something came out of it as my memory card wallet disappeared on sunday morning at the Sk2 Ball about 2am. I only have shots from the last 90 min or so.

Tell me how something like that jumps out of my zipped camera bag?

I had shot two masked latex dolls, Stephanie and one from South Africa but those were on the missing CF cards. A real real pisser.

I did talk to a couple of woman with Eternity collars on - seem to be able to wear them to work - one is a teacher no less. The other has had hers on for 3 years now.