Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i was given drugs in second life....

it was an impromtu party a the kayliwulf kingdom and i happened to make along to it before it wound down. laz was dj'ing live and the music feed in world was vry good for a change. amongst the flashing lights, the sharks swimming underneath the dancefloor, the occasional weird grieffer (a circle of chanting monks and a truck drivng through the dance floor), there was someone there handing out drugs to anyone interested.

it comes as two pills which overides your avatar. i was fascinated so i took a couple... but i dropped one.

what happens is somehow it takes over your avatars movements and speach and lasts for about 45 min or so - depends on the ones you take. so there i was with my av saying i was horny, excited, blissed out etc etc while it danced around the floor thanks to the provided pose balls.

i needed more. well all for professional research of course. ;-)

so i kept bothering the person who was kind enough to share and she gave me a teleport address where i found a drug shack that sells a pretty wide variety of digital hallacinigens for your second life av.

they even offer to cut you in if you will deal murshrooms for them... and there's places in second life you can go pick them too.

scattered around the small shack is various pose balls that mimick drug enduced effects. i wandered around and went upstairs where i found a pose ball and waited to the world to rez for me all the while this weird audio tone played. i did tour around some of the hypno dommes free samplers and i recognised the sound - it was a hemi-sync track. the drug shack itself was a drug!!

another suprise - there's a large photo of famed fetish model Apnea who is currently featured in Marquis magazine number 39.

i could of gone for a really sensational headline like 'fetish model pushes virtual drugs in secondlife'.... and i wanted too, but there's no proof of a connection.

seems images are used from who knows where and put in there too. some are given away or sold.

my other find was a vending machine dispencing images from the Alice in Rubberland.

i do know most of his site are pay for access. so i sent him a note to pointing out my discovery, sort of a joke kinda thing more than a tattle-tale, and also hoping to get him in there as he could design amazing avatars and cosutmes people could wear like his images come to life. no reply as yet.

back downstairs i bought a sampler pack of their main drug. seems there's real hypno effects built into them beyond the various avatar overides. this is done by sound, light, flashing repeating commands and who knows what else.

i've not taken them yet. maybe at a really good party...

will it effect me? i don't know - but have a look at this article from The Register.

Placebo effect causes a natural high

By Lucy Sherriff
Published Wednesday 24th August 2005 16:08 GMT

A brain imaging study, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, has revealed that our bodies' natural painkilling system might play a role in the placebo effect.

The researchers injected saline solution into the jaws of 14 healthy male volunteers. The procedure is harmless, but slightly painful, so all were told to expect painkilling medication. Some of the subjects were given real painkillers, others were given placebos.

...continues here

so one day i'll still try them and report back.



userjesse said...

Have seen quite a few interesting/odd/icky/wonderful things in SL, but I"m going to have to draw the line at drugs.

Not to go on a rant or anything, but a loved family member lost her life to drugs, so there is my feeling on the matter.
No offense to Asu, just stating I do not like the drug scene...irl or elsewise.

Asudem Latex said...

the drugs are actualy hypnosis..... so if u are doing hypnosis in there then its the same thing. excpet its sort of automated.

wonder if there's a dolly pill?