Sunday, October 15, 2006

latex toes...

as reviewed by Dark:

The much anticipated parcel arrived in the post. The anticipation actually goes back years when I my consciousness was invaded by the idea of being totally second skinned over in latex. For years now we could buy latex catsuits which could pretty much cover every inch of your skin including some rather well done anatomical hoods. Added to the basic catsuit you could of course have attached gloves, and an anatomical male sheaths and even fill each orifice with a rubber sheath. One of the most amazing developments was the latex mouth as an accessory offered by Rubber's Finest which covered not only lips, but tongue and teeth in rubber. The only thing missing were "toe socks" with individual toes like a glove has fingers.

Leave it to Blackstyle, a German purveyor of fine fetish apparel and gear to come up with the toe sock. They offered them in 4 sizes and only in naughty delicious thick black latex. So the order was placed and now I was about to experience my first ever toe socks of any material. The closet thing for me was a pair of socks which segregated my big from the rest but it was a regular textile product.

I did the rip open the package as quickly as I can routine and got the coveted items in my hands. They are quite tall coming just below my knees. They come powdered inside and out and appeared to me flawlessly molded. I sensed that they would be a tad big and they were. I ordered large 42-45 and I wear a size 9.5 USA men's shoe. But I think maybe the M might be too tight and too tight latex especially when thick and worn "against" fingers and toes becomes painful after a while. Been there done that.

These heavy gauge socks slipped on with little effort. With a bit of coaxing each of my toes found its little rubber enclosure. The thickness of the socks concealed the fact that my toes were a bit short and gave my foot a kind of perfect toed appearance. It did feel a but unusual at first my toes have been touching their entire lives never separated by anything let alone latex. But in about 15 minutes they were completely content and I was wiggling my new black rubber toes. I liked it. The socks were a tad loose in the ankle although with their thickness this does not appear as a fold or a wrinkle. Calves fit like a glove. All in all the fit is fine.

Next I decided to take them for a long test drive. It was just lunchtime and I would wear them till I went to bed. This included working at the PC, and then a meeting outside with a client at their home and fixing a flat tire on my car unsuccessfully and taking a ride with a local cop. Good thing he didn't ask me to take my shoes off 'cause there they were my black rubber toes!

At midnight I took them off and only noticed some mild humidity no sweat... no pools of water. But my feet are not sweaters anyway. They were comfortable to wear and more so than any other footed item I have in my latex closet. So even though I would be wearing shoes or boots, these are the ticket if you want latex fet feet. Two thumbs up and well worth the 42 Euros. They will last a long time and take a lot of wear before failing much, much, much more than my "other socks" of any material.

What will they think of next?


Oneeyedjack said...

Funny you post this now. I placed an order to Blackstyle for these and a few other pieces of latex, just last week.

Niha said...

Reallly good looking... Sure it's a great design.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just happened upon this blog yesterday. It's wonderful! You mentioned rubber sheathes for filling orifices. Do these actually exist, and if so, where would one find them? =

Love those toes! I might have to order some for myself.

Dark said...

The Austrian latex fetish fashion house SimonO offers internal sheaths as an option on their catsuits as well as male CB sheaths... for the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Polymorphe makes them now, too: