Wednesday, October 04, 2006

yet more trouble for speaking your mind online... Metro & State
October 1, 2006

Schools punishing kids for what they say online
Critics say policies that extend to posts from home computers are unconstitutional
By Rebecca Neal

A growing number of school officials in the Indianapolis area are trying to punish students for Internet commentary they deem inappropriate -- including postings on home computers -- drawing outrage from teens and free-speech advocates.

One student has been expelled at one school, another suspended. One school district has warned students they are legally responsible for postings; another will vote on a similar policy this month.

"Kids look at the Internet as today's restroom wall," said Steve Dillon, director of student services for Carmel Clay Schools. "They need to learn that some things are not acceptable anywhere."

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Anonymous said...

that is the resposibility of the parents. are we saying that the school trumps the parents? Orwell's 1984 was always a characature, until now.


SteveMND said...

Very odd. I'm all for the reduction of bullying in school, and yes, somebody posting a blog or myspace page slamming someone else is wrong, but that's not the school's responsibility.

Besides, how can they accurately enforce it? Are these schools getting court orders for internet records, DNS numbers, etc. from the ISPs and websites to prove Joe Student was the opne who actually made those posts? After all, anybody can post anything on an anonymous site like mySpace and pretend to be someone else.

I can easily imagine some kid making a fake mySpace page masquerading as the Principal or some such. If they are reprimanding kids without going through all of the above legal rigamarole and taking stuff posted like that at face value, they'd best do the same thing if something like that happens...

FellipeC said...

This subject will give a lot of troubles in near future.
I don't know if some of you know about the fight of Brazilian Government and Google's Orkut...

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sick puppy said...

Things are getting worse and worse. Of course bullying is something to get rid of, but freedom is not.