Friday, October 27, 2006

dr vanderlay returns...

i finally had a long delayed reply from doc vanderlay last week. seems he's tied up working on a tv show at the moment. last time i had a friend work on a film (sort of the same) they disappeared for almost eight months.

he said appreciated my entries on my blog and was working on more masks. the Paris Hilton sculpture is close to completion and a few others in the works as well.

he added:

" I am thinking about trying silicone version of some of my masks. This will help my molds from deteriorating and it will give the masks a yummy translucent finish.

so keep coming back here and i'll post more information when i have it.


1 comment:

Jen Lee said...

Sounds cool. sorry i am not on more. you know where to meail me t hat i can rply quicker.
i am also online on aol instant messenger n ow.
my id is glovemistress2
talk soon