Wednesday, October 04, 2006

rubber dolls never age....

although apparently the rubber sisters are only a year old according to an email they just sent me:

The 1st Anniversary of the Rubbersisters Homepage

Monica & Jacline!!!

Today Fetish is a big part of our life, it makes it much more colourful. Our idea is, to inspirate us and other people.

We´ll use this oppurtunity to send many thanks to all our friends, members and sponsors there have supported us the last year.

So we´ll continue our work!! Feel free and tell us, what you want to see or to know from the Rubbersisters.

Many Kisses Monica and Jacline

1 comment:

Scubadubidoo said...

Is that part of why you year to be a rubber doll? Not aging is certainly one thing i'd subscribe to :-). Love your blog...