Monday, October 02, 2006

i might need to answer emails and update at home

and its another reason i'm worried about my privacy.

The boss is watching your every click...
30 September 2006
Annalee Newitz

IT IS one of the biggest corporate scandals of the year: Hewlett-Packard chairman Patricia Dunn allegedly enlisted private investigators to spy on members of the HP board and several journalists to figure out who was leaking boardroom secrets. The investigators are said to have tricked reps at phone company AT&T into handing over the call records of their targets. Dunn has now resigned and California's Attorney General is considering bringing criminal charges.

While HP's top brass has been grabbing headlines, hundreds of corporations are routinely spying on their employees without attracting media attention. Sometimes companies keep tabs on employees by hiding cameras in lavatories, or tracking company cars using hidden GPS devices. Most often, however, corporate surveillance consists of logging everything employees do on their computers, from instant messaging, to emailing to browsing the web. Such wholesale monitoring is commonplace at firm such as household products maker Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, net giants Yahoo and Google, and healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente. And people are seldom told they are being watched.

Meanwhile, an increasingly mobile workforce is blurring the line between work and private time: log into work computers from home and employers can track what blogs you create, sign into or post to, or what you write on newsgroups, even outside work hours. Suddenly, online private lives are becoming company business. 'continues here'



FellipeC said...

Yes, it's true.

Fortunately, I am the IT Staff here!

Dark said...

This spying thing is a real problem for people with "fetish" alter egos or secret lives... online or real time. Of course since we all use the NET and want to let our thoughts go to the net whent we feel the urge this DOES blur the lines between my time and the boss's control of my time.

I work from home and sometimes am tempted to check one of my fav sites when I am at someone's PC away from the home office.... but even then someone can look back at the history and see what sites someone (me) who was at the PC was viewing. Not good. Better to use your own PC for all your web surfing!

FellipeC said...

I read about your concerns about IT security. You are true.
If I don't mention before, I am a Network Admin here at Brazil.
Every piece of information that came from internet that isn't
encrypted I can read if I want, and I can know what computer and what
user access that information.
For you own knowledgment, encrypted traffic is almost impossible to know about.
For example, accessing my gmail mailbox don't leave any traces of what
emails I send or receive in my firewall, and if I remember to delete
the temporary files, my notebook is clean too. The only thing that
firewall will know is the URL of the site.
However, this is because I have a policy of tunneling the SSL traffic.
I don't consider ethical the possibility of myself reading my
coleague's bank password. But some others may use SSL bridge, when
your proxy server, in behalf of your machine, decrypts the information
to you. This can make yourself exposed.

For more info read

And be very cautious with internet at your work. Here we have a
extensive policy of what is allowed and what is not. Users know that
blogs are forbidden here. By other hand, personal e-mail is allowed.
Of course I monitor the usage and if anyone abuses, gets notifyed.

If you have any questions about those computer things, you are free to ask me.

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