Thursday, October 12, 2006

second life to real life

well a bit of an update on my Second Life.

its all been good and sad at the same time

i was given a new skin - my own bleached down and permanent doll make up by roen in a very intense ritualistic scene. seeing myself with the new skin which made me look like one of her dolls - was simply nothing less than amazing... it really effected me deeply and was really looking forward to all the other stages of the training and transformation.

i've also started to model in my new timelock gothic doll case (created by Wanda Goodnight) in the Kayliwulf Kingdom fetish shop. i'm officially a model there clocking up the hrs as i leave my computer on for torrenting so its a fair number. i don't paid of course, just after 20hrs i get a new outfit. so loads of virtual latex for me.

ask nicely an i may share with any readers ;-)

laz the owner/creator designs it all himself so my plan is with his help to reproduce my real latex in second life. the first such item was the latex body i purchased from Austria via ebay. mixed with the libidex tights its the outfit i have on part of the time. they've introduced a new semi transparent line and i have a catsuit there that matches my far east one here.

likewise i've managed to convince the creator of the amethyst collar which all the latex dolls wear with these yummy commands built into it to reshape mine so it matches the eternity collar i own.

some more pleading with another vendor and my 5" heeled shoes are a pretty good match too..

sad news starts with the realization that people can be rude, vulgar idiots in SL as in RL. maybe more so as they have more animosity

i have gotten hassle for doing all this in RL as in SL... some people freak, don't get it or whatever... and i was warned by one domme in there too.

also people who may like it all, roll play but without the experience or skill that a real latex fetishist or domme has. it took me awhile to find that out... but i'm learning and 'inoculated' as someone said.

feelings can be hurt anywhere..... and i am still very cut up about it all especially as the planned training and transformations have evaporated.



sick puppy said...

People are people, in SL and in RL...

Dark said...

If you wear an eternity collar wouldn't you need a detachable hood in order to wear the collar on the outside? Or do you have enough space under the collar to pull the hood part through?

Asudem Latex said...

i've never been able to wear a hood anyway..... so it doesn't come up yet.


Dark said...

At all? Like not for 10 minutes? I am curious as to what you find difficult? Is it like a phobia of having your face covered... like the feeling of being smothered? Or that you won't be able to breathe? Admittedly some hoods (latex) are uncomfortably tight... in fact most don't fit well but rely on the fact that latex stretches to make them snug and so they press hard against the jaw forcing wearers to get fatigue in the jaws from resisting this push... or nose pressure.

If the hood fits well, the only technical issue seems to be overheating. Our heads are hot! and we release lots of excess heat through our heads.. as odd as that sounds.

Full face hoods of course are the most taboo thing to wear out anyway... but at home it is another story.. or at a fet event.

Oneeyedjack said...

I think you take the whole SL thing waaaaay too seriously. It is in essence, just another video game. I tried it out for a bit, ran around, looked at some fetishy stuff, played with my appearance, etc. I just get bored. If I'm going to play a game, I want to be enterained and immersed in action, not just amble around and do things that I might do in real life... yawn... I'll pop in now and again, when I have time to kill, just to see the graphics, things people have created and such. As for interacting with people, I have a hard enough time keeping in touch with life long friends. Why would I want to communicate with real people in a virtual world?

Anyway, if you want serious roleplayers, you'll have to seek them out in real life. As you said, the web's anonimity will breed all sorts of idiotic behavior.

Oneeyedjack said...