Wednesday, September 06, 2006

in the pink...

my far east latex catsuit arrived and its loooovely...... i wore it last night and i swore i almost didn't want to take it off.

its semi transparent so you can just about see myself through it... but going from a thin black one too a neon pink standard weight latex is a big jump: but well worth it.

i bought it from this seller here.

like alot of other ebayers out there they tend to ramp up the costs of shipping so they can make the actual item look lower. i've seen usb hd cases listed for 1$ with shipping at 15$ for example. its just a little trick some do so live with it and add the two sums together.

some comments:

- they will make to the measurements you send, so make it a bit tighter depending on the body part (there's a formula somewhere) sleeves tend to be really loose.
- if you can afford it then do one set of measurements, get one and then tweak your numbers for a better fit. sell off the one thats not fitting well. you'll cover your costs
- wash it asap!! i wore mine and washed it this morning and the bathtube turned muddy yellow with who knows what. its like the denbar one. who knows what gunk i absorbed....
- there's always more - so don't bit up too high - use bid groups to get one for 60-70$
- they (and other sellers) will do other latex items and combine shipping but designs, styles and colours are basic - see i'm waiting on my chocolate brown blouse.
- it takes them a few weeks to make, so expect it in under a month at the longest.

please feed back any other comments and experiences.


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