Saturday, September 09, 2006

is it a model or a suit?

this image was sent in by 'c c'. does anyone know more about it? can you conform where its from?

he wrote:

I remember I saw it on MarcyAnarchy's zentai site in the late 90's.  I showed the pic to one person and they said it was from creative fun.  I emailed them and never heard back.  So I don't know if it was them or not.  he does have some cat/ latex mask stuff so I don't know if they were confused from that. 

But I would like to really learn a lot more about that suit.

I think it's totally hot and would like to know actually everything about it, how it was made, the model everything.....

just from looking at it i think its a model from the size of the objects its sitting on (floor and side panneling) but i could be wrong.


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conscious_object said...

Definately looks to be a model (about the size of an action figure, from the size of the floor paneling etc. you mentioned).