Sunday, September 24, 2006

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Existential Issues with Hypno-play

Heres a thought Tyrrhian posted elsewhere but if anyone here has any input, that would be nice...

"I was going to post this as a question. Then I realised I couldn't
quite formulate one. So I'll post it as experience instead and ask
anyone with a view (or experience) to input.

redcat and I mingle hypno and objectification. We don't just role
play her as a chair, foot stool, whatever: she 'becomes' one.

"This, for her, appears to be a wholly restful experience. She 'goes
away'....into her own being-space and is aware of whatever she is in
the way that that object would be aware of itself. And since foot
stools are probably not very could be described as
voluntary nihilism. She ceases to "be" who she was and is something
else for a while.

"All very well for her (she finds it relaxing and enjoyable): but I
like to know she know occasionally.

"So recently I pulled her back a little. She became whatever she
became....but retained her own awareness as she became it.

"Now I am trying to understand the difference.

"She is clear that it felt different. In some ways a little scarier.
But mainly OK.

"But now she's thinking about how to put the difference into words.

"And that's about it. Comments. Reactions. Anything.



as with so may areas we play in, the going away, the being something else...someone else... is a main part of it.

Its the reason this girl writes so little about personal experiences... this girl doesn't want to connect to what she can
remember too closely as it would shatter the fragile hypnotic illusion that she wasn't there at all!


please post your comments and first hand experiences as both T and redcat do read this blog


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Bradley said...

Actually, that is one of the big things I try to do with my doll changes...I actually prefer to let the doll-to-be retain some awareness of what is going on. :)

I mean, yes, I admit to getting a little bit of a kick out of seeing a lady struggle against the programming, only to fail, but that isn't completely the issue.

The thing is that I don't like seeing ladies completely "broken". Seeing someone totally gone and with no trace of their original personality doesn't turn me on, it creeps me out. Aside from my not being able to tell (online at least) whether or not they're having problems or not when they are "gone", there is just something about *not* having any awareness or intelligence there *at all* that gets to me after a bit.

I guess it's just one more reason I'm *lame*, *lol*, right up there with my whole Valley of the Uncanny thing as regards *facelessness*, you know? ;)

Or maybe I'm just doing something different. "Woman *plus* doll" as opposed to "Doll *minus* woman", if that makes sense. I guess I am more into a constructive *merger* that adds more to the doll-to-be than it takes away....

Hmm, takes all kinds. :) Just my humble opinion.