Sunday, September 03, 2006

surgery and more to make the doll.....

i've been swapping ideas back and forth with a very supportive and kind person on email and one subject thats developed recently is exploring the stages after i'm in latex all the time and in a relationship with a loving and caring mistress. i wouldn't be working at all and totally supported.

so the questions and kinda of fantasising that came out of it was becoming more and more of a doll with surgery, what would be good and how far i'd go into becoming the doll.

here's a little survey to get peoples tastes for themselves or their own dolls if they were in that secure relationship and space.

this is just a fantasy and i don't recommend you do any of it. but if you have then please write in and share.


what would you have done surgically if you could
a doll logo tattoo'd on your body
breast enlargements
surgical removal of your belly button
surgical removal of your ears
total hair removal for your entire body
tattoo'd doll joints all over your body
permenant tattoo'd normal makeup
permenant tattoo'd of extreme doll makeup
vocal coard shaving for higher voice
full body skin bleaching to make you porcelin white
infibulation: pussy lips cut or abraided and left heal closed
facial surgery and eye widing
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WileCoyote said...

A little surgery is nothing abnormal nowadays.

The fine line is whether or not the person wants to be seen in public as a doll or with any kind of extreme modification. Once that line is crossed anything goes.

I would stay sexually functional though... that's part of the fun.

I find it amusing that according to this poll twice as many people would rather lose there pussy than there ears...

Oneeyedjack said...

None of the above. I think being a doll is a state of mind. If one doesn't have the imagination to reach that state without body modification, they probably are not mentally healthy enough to be dabbling in such transformations.

Bradley said...

Um, not to be a wet blanket or anything, but...

--I'd tend to agree with one-eyed-jack here, in that if the mindset isn't there and the would-be doll *needs* the direct physical changes, there is likely something wrong.

Besides, wouldn't it make more sense to keep things in the realm of the reversible so that if the Lady Doll *needs* to function fully, in a "works for a living" sense, she can? I mean, some of the changes, appearances aside, would be either crippling (loss of external ears and much of hearing) or seriously unhealthy (urinary tract problems from trying too hard to seal it off downstairs). does seem like you missed a few of the more common, doable, less "extreme" items on the list. I am surprised that breast implants made it...when floating rib removal (for corseting and waist training) and collagen lip enhancement didn't.

Which goes back to the whole "reversable and doable" thing, doesn't it? What is the point of plotting all these "extreme" changes like losing one's ears or having doll seams permanently tattooed, if the moderate stuff you'd use as a *bridge* to get there isn't an option?

Really...I'd imagine surgical dolling is like any other: you start with small, slow changes and then pick up the pace, making double sure the doll-to-be is on board for all of it.

I'm just saying....sorry if this is a buzzkill, I agree with the notion in principle if the lady doll has *done* the hypnosis and costume play and just wants *more* than that....

The execution is just off this time is all. Sorry. :)

Asudem Latex said...

well mr wetblanket and buzzkill

if you _actually_ read it - it is a fantasy, just some ideas to play with to see what people would like.

i mean one would have to be pretty far along into the doll now anyway for several years at least before they decided where to take it.


"The one who says it cannot be done should never interrupt the one who's doing it."

Anonymous said...

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