Friday, September 29, 2006

amazing transformation sequence pt 1 +2

it took me awhile but i finally remembered enough of the title of this film to be able to find it on imdb and then too buy my own copy a couple of weeks back.

i saw it as some afternoon cable flick and was entranced by the long transformation sequence. it hit several buttons not at least the gooey coating the lead is given. its all very involved....

and i'm definately not reading stuff into it like i was with Succubus - it is really meant to be deeply kinky... :-)

it has two names which caused the confusion: 'Invasion of the Bee Girls' and 'Graveyard Tramps'. there's another film or two that also has bees in it so i kept renting the wrong one...

its imdb entry is 'here'. its not a highly rated film - it is an exploitative 'bee' film after all. but its worth it just for this scene. there's loads on ebay too for a just few bucks so worth getting even if the print is lousy.

a synopsis from

Never mind that title: any film that wound up on Siskel and Ebert's "guilty pleasures" list can't be that bad. Cult movie stalwart William Smith plays an FBI man investigating reports of a coven of "bee-girls"--women who have taken on the characteristics of bees, and who kill men upon making love. A cute device throughout the film allows us to see the action from a bee's-eye view. The script, by no less than Nicholas Meyer, pokes gentle fun at the conventions of the cheapo-horror genre without ever stooping to cheap parody. Invasion of the Bee Girls was also released as Graveyard Tramps. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

i did notice that the computer console used in the shot can also be spotted in a loads of 70's shows like buck rogers for one...


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