Sunday, September 24, 2006

more latex in mainstream magazines

the cover of UK edition of GQ Style has lovely latex clad ladies with what appear to be 15 year old boys in tuxedos... maybe some sort of 'addicted to love' homage?

can someone in the UK get it and tell me more? maybe scans even :-) or i'll be stuck waiting for a month or more for it to appear at tower records.

oh and i flicked through the new 'W' and i think there's more latex in there too. will need to check again and buy it if it is.



Dark said...


Your name is Medusa backwards...

I see some of my good friends from the IAR are commentors here and helping you along in your quest.

Although I am late to this blog, I did try to read most the archives to understand your quest.

It is a very enjoyable and interesting blog and I thank you for sharing. I like the intersection with your specific fetish of becoming a latex doll with the greater fetish world and the simple idea of what a doll is, a Barbie doll as an icon and a sex doll... Did I miss something here?

Oh yea the latex. As a rubberists for several decades I am still mystified by my own fetish, its roots and why the material is so appealing to some... as in obsession and so unappealing to others as in claustrophobic and horribly uncomfortable and "hard" looking... or hi tech... whatever.. the complete opposite of lace, or cotton or woven textiles.

Latex is very much out there on its own for many reasons.

Did I miss your entry where you explained how you came to know that you had a latex doll fetish? Another thing which is interesting is the shoe thing you have.

Like most fetishists I love tall heels... real tall tall boots (not into platforms)... but I don't associate this with a "doll" but with a fetish object... or fetish look as a dominatrix. Everyone knows high heels are sexier and that chart you posted a while back makes this pretty clear... but the heel thing... goes to what your definition of a Doll is.

This seems to be a growing and gathering "genre" or fetish... the rubber doll and it seems to be coalescing around the look of the archetype fetish female in the role of sex doll.

A rubber blow up sex doll is naked.. no heels .. like the black ice suit shown in the pics he sent. This is more like the "base" of the archetype fetish female.. booted, corseted with big boobs long gloves etc.

As others have pointed out the look also carries a very strong "role play" connotation as an object, a sex object a submissive "thing" for use by the doll's owner. And there are some fem doms who have made their subs INTO rubber dolls presumably for "service" purposes at least if not more.

Would you elaborate more on your actual vision of your final complete vision as a Doll?

I marvel at your training or whatever you call the process where you are adapting your body to its future role. As a rubberist I craved rubber encasement.. if only for "thrills" and it is only longer term wearing which presents any sort of problem.

But on the other hand, as stimulating as it is to wear, and as erotic as it is, I can still wear the stuff and not be aroused and do mundane things like work or sleep or walk the dogs. I prefer to not wear rubber all the time, lest I become desensitized to its magic. I know this happens because my first experiences with rubber I experienced almost uncontrollable erotic excite as you struggle with when trying to sleep in it. Years on this instant arousal does not happen.

Do you worry that you could overstimulate yourself and then essential de sensitize yourself to the magic of rubber?

Love the blog!

blackice said...

Picked up the issue. Boy what a pile of shit magazine (reminds me why I started my own) - but good news is the spread is pretty fab. Will do scans soon.


blackice said...

Sorry, still not done the scans. this week i hope. been tied up with an arts project.

Skin Two ball weekend too.