Friday, September 29, 2006

i wish they had higher heels....

but they were on sale and after abit of fondling of them in the store i just had to have them. so i got them last week and have worn them all day on a couple of days.

they're from sigerson morrison and can be ordered online too 'here' and they're on sale at 1/2 price!!

i ended up with the deep purple ones as they were the best colour option in my size. and they're soooo lovely!!!!

the photo's on their site and above do not do them justice in the slightest. they are in fact glossy rubber and soft and not matt at all. not precisely the acquo boots i'm after but pretty darn close. another thing is that isn't really noticable is how tall they are - unlike alot of boots they do really come up right too the knee.

really worth getting if you want a fashion rain boot thats real rubber you can wear to work....


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