Monday, September 04, 2006

before and after photoshop help?

is there anyone who could do a before and after photoshop for me?

i'd like to see what a woman would look like (naked) before and after the list of surgical changes i have in the entry bellow that i'd personally like. well if i was in the right time, place, person etc. not any time soon for sure.

just drop me an email. or maybe winterrose can help?



Anonymous said...

I'm an experienced photoshop artist with 12 years under my belt! I am going on holiday for 2 weeks, when I get back I will give it a go. You have been quite an insperation to me, I thought that I was alone in my dreams of a perfect latex living doll/mannequin. yours.

WinterRose said...

Well, it shouldn't be too hard to do a before and after image. As with anything on a computer, garbage in - Garbage out. One or several high quality images to work with would be ideal. Mugshots would be good too, meaning arms at the sides, standing looking straight forward. Front, side and rear shots. Doll-ish poses would be fun too, but as you will. And as with any design work, the more you know about what you WANT done, the better.

Addressing the feasability point by point:

Doll Logo:
What type of logo? A specific one you had in mind? A concept you'd like done? I'm keen on wind-up keys myself. ^_^;;;

Breast Enlargements:
Easy. What size and shape? Nipples or not? Size and color of areolae and nipple? Present but washed out into a uniform tone that matches the rest of the body?

Removal of the belly button and ears:
Easy. I've never heard of the removal of the ears before. Is this something common I've not heard of?


Tattoo'd Doll Joints
Easy. Tho a warning for people that are considering it for real. Simple lines on flesh are just that. Simple. However if you want to create a more three dimensional effect, be warned that white ink has the largest particles color-wise, and is said to hurt more going in.

Permanent normal makeup, or doll makeup
Easy. Is there a specific look you want? Both headings have all manner of expression artisitcally. An example or an in-depth description of each look desired would be grand.

Skin Bleaching:
Tricky, depending on the original skin tone, but not impossible. I've done that to a pic of Minka in the past. Now to remember how I did it... *^_^*

I'll have to read up on this procedure before I can answer.

Facial Surgery and Eye Widening:
Depends on what you want done. But it sounds easy enough.

Hit me with an e-mail or a message here letting me know what you'd like. I think I hit you with my e-mail once. jt_winterrose(remove this along with the parentheses) If you have the pictures you want worked on already, send them along and I'll see what I can do. It may take a few days for me to get working on it, as I have to re-install my Operating System, and all that art software over the next day or so.