Friday, September 22, 2006

problems and successes with hypnosis

i just read an interesting post in objectification_in_the_uk yahoo group here. its not limited to uk people so go have a look and join in.

i'm waiting for an ok to post the intro to the message or it in its entirety but it also reminds me to ask how people are getting on with their hypnotic transformation.

still debating about releasing the lovely script created for me by evil dolly. i have passed it around to a few people in second life so if you find me there feel free too ask.

maybe the best way too proceed is to aim much higher and find someone with a sultry voice to record it and make it public domain? if you know of someone who can help - please email me.



WinterRose said...

As far as recording goes... By sultry I assume you mean a femme voice? I could read it as male or female really, as I've been told I do a fairly convincing contralto, or alto ranged femme. (In some audiostory efforts, I've been asked who the woman was I had reading for me.) In any case, I have a pretty solid recording ethic, and can produce you a pretty decent audio-read of it if you're alright with that. Hit me with a mail if yer interested. Or reply here and I'll mail to you for further discussion.

redcat said...

messages seem to be awfully slow coming through yahoo at present... so this girl's owner has said she is OK to give permission: so fill your boots..quote what you will.

theminer ( said...

hi,i followed this part,the hypnoses that is,and wondered if you know of virtual hypnotist on the web.
its a free softwareprogram wich you can change moderate in any way you like.
you can make your own scripts,or change already existing scripts.
you can even choose of different voices.
some other idea (depending on your computer its strength ) is to look for the musicmaking software,they are most of the time used to make tunes but can be also used for something like this.
if you not yet tried any form of hypnoses you could try some selfhypnoses to to get comfortable
with it,if you like to know some ways let my know,i don't mind telling,but its a lot of typework and don't like to do it for nothing.