Monday, September 18, 2006

my letter to the Latex Dolls....

i'll try not to go on about my life in second life and i really need to get back to updating this blog, but what i am hoping it will do is allow me to train myself more and deepen aspects of my doll like dressing and conditioning.

i don't know if this has ever happened before or people doing now. i heard some mention that some companies use it for their orientation.

last week joined the Latex Dolls which are based out of Latexia. they have very very strick dress codes - you have to be in their outfit when in their venues and wear their remote contol 'doll egg' all the time. the look is pretty sevre, very heavy rubber and my guess that it was started by German latex fetishist provede to be spot on. everyone is the same, annoynmous and have numbers. mistresses are accented with red and have M in frount of their number while slaves are blue.

i wonder how hard it would be to recreate thier outfit in real life? i think the hardest and most expensive part would be the chasity belt and yoke. the gas mask, their main feature and the source of the vader like breathing is the british s10 gasmask. pretty common on ebay for about 20$ for those that want to get one... as i did last week...

is there anyone who has made the outfit in real life? i'd think going along to a fetish event and seeing one of them there in all of their heavy rubber and restraints would be totally sureal..... even a bit scarey and dare i say arousing?

as a group of over 100 latex dolls, both slaves and mistresses i'm hoping that some can help me in my real life quest. too that end i've posted the bellow letter to the doll's seperate online forum.

the letter:

Dear Sisters and Mistresses

As some of you maybe aware, I do wear latex in real life daily and am undergoing my own training as detailed in my blog.

I am hoping that my training can be aided and enhanced greatly by your support and commands here. Too that end i would like to complete my wardrobe here which I currently own. This may require some new custom outfits. These will be worn in public spaces.

Roen has ben kind in purchasing me a semitransparent catsuit that is a perfect match for my real one as seen on my blog. Likewise my pink hair is similiar to my new pink wig.

My current wardrobe which needs to be duplicated is:
- baby pink latex tights
- baby pink latex body
- brown latex blouse (on blog)
- clover leaf nipple clamps
- long narrow zippable skirt
- latex panties

Of prime importance for me is my moving on from latex panties too my new latex body which I purchased at the begining of the summer from an austrian ebay seller. Tragically it became far too hot to wear and i suffered drip leakage at work

It is my aim for continued immersion into the world of latex to wear this soon as weather and temperature permits.

Other items i do have which i can use from existing Doll Uniform
- black catsuit
- long gloves
- black knee boots
- cuffs
- ankl cuffs
- eternity collar
- latex hood - molded

I have disovered the gasmask we wear is based on the British S10 and have ordered one online. Its my new dream to have a completed outfit in the real too.

I do not have many $L left so open to ideas on this. Are there any merchants or designers I can be a fetish model for?

I look forward to you kind and firm support in my latexification


if there are any other second lifers out there who can help then just im me 'asudem kasei'. shopping spree's and spare L$'s always welcomed.



Oneeyedjack said...

Coincidentally, my pet has that outfit which will be completed when we receive the pigtail hood that we just ordered from Marquis. Love it. Classic heavy rubber look... I absolutely adore that style, the stranger and more alien the better.

Asudem Latex said...

they are definately that. but drifting away from them now and more into the dolls roen has. more on that another time