Friday, September 22, 2006

living dolls go to the ball...?

i just was reminded that the Skin Two Rubber Ball in London, England is coming pretty soon - 5th to 8th October in fact.

sadly i won't get there at all as i am saving up my holiday time for a longer trip next spring and of course spending all my spare dollars on latex...

but are there any living latex dolls attending? please post in comments if you know any. maybe you can send in a photo to prove you were there?

for those in the UK you can get a free copy of LateXtra Skin Two Ball special visiting stockists here or emailing your address too:



blackice said...

I have a photopass to the Ball so will be shooting TG and also the main night. So if I see any dolls, I"ll get some shots for you.

I did have an email from the Rubber Sisters and they're not over.

Stephanie is however but its all pretty vague plan wise for proper shoots.

Keep you posted too any firm shoots.



Oneeyedjack said...

Wish I had the money to go to the Sk2 ball. We did get to the Montreal Fetish Weekend a few weeks ago though and that was fantastic! If you'd like to see some photos go here:
Check out the crazy polkadot outfit my dolly had made!

blackice said...

Hi Asudem, Just had an email from 3XL so will be meeting up with them and another person who does net sites friday night for food.

Steffy is coming but not nailed anything down as yet.

Post me some cards and I'll pass them around.