Monday, September 04, 2006

the august 'W' latex spread

well most of them anyway. they were hard to scan as W is much larger than normal magazines.

still they are amazing images - it so good to see latex photographed in fashion magazine rather than the same old models over and over again online or in the fetish magazines. they would make yummy posters too if i could get them large enough.



Bradley said...

I **Love** how on some of the pics you can't really tell where the high-heeled shoe ends and where the tight and shiny feet and legs begin...yummy, if I were to actually start converting women into dolls offline, in the real, *this* is one of the effects I would be going for...

Nothing like having a lady doll wake up in the morning and actually *wonder*, "wow, are those really my *feet* now? they don't come off...."

In other words, more blurring of the line between woman and doll, artifice and reality. :) Sweet pics! Well done!

Oneeyedjack said...

Nice stuff. Although nothing I don't see all the time in real life ;)

Something saddens me about the mainstreaming of fetish culture. On one hand it's nice to see beautiful women wearing latex of course. On the other hand, to many it's just a fashion and there is no love or obsession or eroticism - the feelings that draw the true fetishist.

Went to a huge fetish event ( this weekend and you can instantly tell the difference between the fetishists and those that are just looking for the newest, edgey trend to follow.

Fuck trends! Start your own scene and be or make your own dolls. I do regardless of who's reading about it in the mainstream.

Asudem Latex said...

the full set of photos can be found here at low res.

thanks to fellipec for finding them