Sunday, September 24, 2006

spiritual rubber wearing....?

for me the wearing of latex is part of a transformation process. it takes me deeper into the doll i am striving to be. others perhaps its just fashion, a passing trend like rollerskates.

a new section of The International Associate of Rubberists is the Metakink Institute to explore these aspects in a public space.

here's his post on the importance of rituals:

Rituals have been around since the dawn of humanity. The earliest ritual was probably the burying of dead family members.

Rituals are always symbolic in nature and are usually intended to reinforce or solidify the traditions of a community.

Rituals serve to focus the attention of a group on some important idea or event by imbuing it with a ceremonial nature which makes it "special".

The act of participating in a ritual is a statement of affiliation by each participant.

Rituals strengthen the bonding, cohesiveness and unity of the participants.

Rituals can be used to mark and formalize the beginning and end of a particular event or activity. In a Rubber Temple environment, the act of, for example, putting on or taking off special "ceremonial" rubber gloves by all participants could mark the beginning and end of a formal meeting, ceremony or service.

One of the most common rituals is the handshake. Shaking hands whilst wearing rubber gloves by two Rubberists could symbolize unity of purpose. Mimicking the putting on of a rubber glove before shaking could be a secret, esoteric ritual between them in a public place.

The symbolism in a ritual is seldom arbitrarily created by the participants nor dictated by logic or necessity, but is usually proscribed by some superior,higher ranking entity that is external to them.
ataraxia: n. peace of mind; self-acceptance

My catsuit is my personal Temple!
(What is yours?)

so do go join in and add your input there.


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Bradley said...

Please pardon the tangent here, but...

One thing that *has* been on my mind as of late, as regards dolling as ritual, or blurring the lines between the sexual and spiritual meanings of "fetish", is the role of Divine Fire.

More specifically, in the Shelly sense, in her original _Frankenstein_...wherein it's suggested and argued that electricity, or at least *lightning* is a conductor for the Divine Fire, or that force that breaks the line between *object* and *life*.

And it's just had me thinking, how the Internet, and to a lesser degree the telephone (at least for me) seems to have been a real *amplifier* for my ability to follow through on my desires in dolling. And yes, I am aware that on a practical level it helps too--dolling is rare and the Web is a huge help in finding willing women who *want* to be dolls....

But I am also long as we are talking "spiritual", what other roles electrical devices and systems like, cell phones, iPods, the Internet, vibrators, and the like, what roles can and *do* they play in dolling as ritual?

I mean, not to sound weird, but it's been my unofficial and informal experience that with my lady dolls, whenever the chance has come up, that vibrators tend to do more in terms of *reinforcing the doll* than dildos, sometimes *multiple* dildos would....and yeah, some of that is the nature of my hypnotic material, its feedback loops, but still. ;)

Are we actually tampering with the *boundary* between "life" and "object" in a spiritual sense here, in ways that are verifiable? I'm asking because while I've heard things online (coughcoughTabithacoughcough) that suggest it is so, I've never seen photos or other proof of it. :p

Any links, pics or info would help, really, from my lady dolls or otherwise. :)

Thanks for your time!