Saturday, August 04, 2007

anyone out there?

my hits are growing at an amazing rates but all my regular emailers have disappeared. and yes i do reply to emails as i do chat in second life too. i don't really do yim much tho.

spam i get loads of however.



Anonymous said...

Hey there....

I'm still around as always. ^_^

The hypnotic dolling has rather slowed to a halt at my end though. Part of that is by my own design as for the past three weeks or so I've been really focusing and working on getting my life a little more together (getting back on stable medication as I can't seem to maintain both meds and counseling at the same time), so I can get more of a real life going (new hobbies, maybe a job, maybe write some more again).

I've also been making some headway on a four-part modular hypnosis script, a narrative thing for a long-time lady doll online that involves:

--An induction and a mild airhead/blonde bombshell change (first file, it's done),
--a change into a sleek, sexy, poseable plastic mannequin (second file, it's done too),
--another change into a cute doll that is dressed up twice, first casually and then more formally (third one, still working on it), and...
--a brief endgame, snap out of trance now sort of thing (done).

And, once I get that third file done, I do plan on modifying it into a more generic version that will be the baseline for my Barbie Version Four script.

If I can get focused and get it done already.

So that's what I'm doing lately. Hope it helps.

--Brad Poe, a.k.a. B_Poe_2001 on YIM.

Anonymous said...

hey asudem,
ever been on the bound fourum at gromet's plaza? come in and say hey looks like we have the same fetish, mayby at diferent ends of the spectrum. come in and look around, wouldn't mind talking with you. give me a pm.


Anonymous said...

spamm is something you have to deal if you are anywway active on the net. Blogs usually are boring stuff to real (i dont want to read about what person X did today) But yours have interesting content.


Jean-F, finnish crossdresser/doller

Doug said...

Hi, I'm still around, still reading - and still a champion of your cause. Hope that your training is still going well,


Edward said...

I'm still around, mostly lurking as RL keeps me busy. I'm buying and shipping goods for people from SE Asia (Japan, China, Thailand etc) for people as a sideline.

I also have a regular job where I get to do MIB type of things-not really, it's more like write long boring reports about what our neighbours are up to and similar things.

I did manage to get in a trip to Johore (tropical fish and plants) recently and I may get in a few other trips to Thailand (silk) and Shanghai(cheap electronics and zentai) to do some buying for a client.

I'll be around so, if you have a wishlist for some outrageous goodies let me know what you want.