Sunday, August 05, 2007

a life in latex - an interview

with a new friend i met in second life and a long time reader of the blog. she's already done what i'm working towards, latexwise anyway... please post comments and email me directly for her contact details.

when did you first discover latex? Was it first hand or was it images/film?

Well.. like most the first time I saw latex was in a long ago...cant remember the name to be honest.. just some regular mainstream was really bad. After a short...maybe 2 or 3 mths.. went and sought it out at a store.. then again...maybe a year before I bought my first piece..

what was your first impression of it?

when I first saw it was WOW OMG that looks sooooo hot...but then again it helped that the girl had a near perfect body lol

was there a long gape between seeing/knowing about it and getting some?

After that year or so.. I bought a one-piece suit...but at the time ...latex was very very expensive...and little was really known about long-term effects...other then common developing a latex allergy ..

what was the first item of latex you owned?

A nice one piece body suit...and paid for it myself.. all my gear is black...I know not exciting but to me its the perfect color.

was it a sudden knowledge u wanted to wear it all the time or a slow growing?

At first it was more a ...ohhh that looks so wonderful...I really want it...then slowly I realized that I was wearing it more and more and for longer periods of time. I really do believe that your ready... and put that piece on that you’ve been hesitating to...surrender and become whole dear.

do you wear it to sleep in to make you truly 24/7 latex or more like 16-ish hrs a day.?

I’ve always got something on...24/7 .

how does it make you feel?

horny ....naughty ...

you said you wear latex all the time. how did u get to that point from the first few items?

It was a slow process...from maybe a few times a month to two or three times a week...then before I really knew it was daily and for longer and longer periods of time.

where did you get the latex? mail order from the UK?

A nice fetish shop in Toronto. but I believe at the time all latex was imported from the states or Europe

what's in your wardrobe? who are your favorite designers?

well everything I can get my greedy little hands on!!! I never go by designer...I go by ...animal instinct ..look...desire ...want.

how long exactly have you've been living in latex full time? what does it involve?

well...guess its now close to...*counts* ummm wow...ok about 14 yrs for the involvement. lots of showers...personally I take two a day...the amount of body fluid build up inside a latex suit can ruin your skin and the latex keeping both as clean as possible is a must.

so you have more than one catsuit, which you rotate between?

yes... I have 3... no two got ripped last move..

what does your wardrobe consist of?

mostly body suits...but also full bondage and smaller pieces...such as undergarments . Latex is a expensive thing to own ...depending on the quality and item...but now that its more widely accepted and seen ...things are changing to becoming more...accessible to everyone.

do you own or wear latex jeans or even a coat out?

yes...I'm never without latex on...sometimes more obvious.. mostlly not...from panties to tights...or a jacket ...gloves...depends on the weather...mood...

do you go to work in it or?

well I don’t work no?? but I do always have some on when in public...

what does your BF or husband think of your dedication to latex?

I'm single ...haven’t had relations in...3 or more years. not even a date.

are there any special health or skin considerations /regimes you use?

don't be tempted to use skin creams...just a nice simple shower and the suggested powder when putting on the pieces works wonders and a good shinning ....*winks* while wearing latex

so what’s a typical day wearing? do you put normal clothes on over it when inside or when going out?

mostly yes...but all my clothes from latex too normal is that it all blends into one...and depending on I’m feeling...decides what ill be wearing in public that day...if I go out .


SanderO said...

Interesting diary but it seems to be missing a lot of interesting questions and answers.

I would be curious to pose a few myself to this lady. Can you furnish her email?

Anonymous said...

That's a very nice picture of actress Holly Marie Combs, but what does it have to do with the interview?

Anonymous said...

Passing this link along:

Dunno if it's up your alley or not.

Andre said...

Sounds like a load of bull to me.