Thursday, August 09, 2007

its all PVC to the newspapers

i found this totally by accident the day it first appeared as i had been reading another article online and noticed the latex picture in a sidebar which i clicked on. the full article is here. thanks to everyone who sent me various links and images in.

what gets me is that latex always seems to be refered to as PVC by newspapers and non fetish style magazines, even when for example; the latex tights from Libidex were used in the major fashion shows in the spring. whats with that anyway?

well the suits are definately latex imho, there's no way that pvc would ever get that tight. looks like a thinner latex too as the arms are looser and hangs differently. there's some closeup portraits in the link to the original article above but with a harsh direct light that doesn't show of the latex at all.

seems all you need to do to get onto a UK newspaper is to be wearing a latex catsuit, or better, alot of women wearing latex catsuits and high heels. still there's a video to look forward too which is due out soon.



SanderO said...

I know you love seeing all the examples of shine on babes in the media... but these babes look like tacky marketing vectors. I don't know that it advances the cause of fetish or retards it. Nothing new and sassy here. This look is getting old ain't it?

Anonymous said...


As much as I hate to be a sourpuss...

I think the look is a little bit old myself. Part of it is that *everyone* outside of the fetish scene now thinks that the "tight, shiny black catsuit" is cool. Which would be ok, but it seems to be all we see now, as if everyone is dressing out of *one* closet. It's like with the leggings too, they're either all black or in metallic shades.

If someone actually does latex leggings or tights in a white, beige or semi-natural pink color, they *might* take off as the next pantyhose, maybe, but just sticking to the black and metallics isn't going to do it.

And...The whole "PVC" thing says it all. It's a UK tabloid thing, use the *shortest* print name possible as cheaply as possible. And get the most *disposable* Pop Starlets of the Week in the tightest Basic Black Catsuits as possible to sell magazines.

Really. ^_^ I think even some of the makeup and hairstyles on the models was borrowed from a Spice Girl's Garage Sale or some such, all the way down to the overly fluffy eyelashes. If people had really wanted to be original, they could have used beige/tan/nude colored suits and made the ladies look even *more* fake and plastic than what they do...

Oh, but it's a tabloid. Sorry. Not enough money or talent in there for that. Half of the pop starlets couldn't even be bothered to change their pose from one picture to the know?

What, I'm just saying...

(okok, I'll stop now, *lol*)

--Brad Poe (who still wishes that some of this would rub off in his own neighborhood)