Saturday, August 25, 2007

rubbers finest on youtube

behind the scenes....


sylvrgirl said...

What an absolutely amazing video; now if i only understood German.

Noelledoll said...

I do understand, and though the items were wonderful, they're very expensive They're made from the finest quality material, and as you can see the work is beautiful. I'd adore having that corset shape me as I should be!!! The cost of the most expensive "breathing mask is about 690 eurodollars(about 750 US. It was a wonderful videao, though. Love noelledoll


Betty LaBamba said...

FYI, someone translated the gist of what was said on the video and posted it on the IAR forums.

marqu said...


For all friends who do not understand German I have provided a translation of the dialogues in the movie.
I have to say, the whole dialogue is not very consistent, some parts seem to be completely out of a continuous context and the interviews are more fragments than complete sentences. And some parts were very hard to understand so I could only guess what was meant But I hope you will enjoy anyway:

About the natural product Latex. In the factory "Rubbers Finest" the milk from the rubber tree is mixed with pink pigments. "this is the original tone in wet condition and thats the way the shade appears when the material is dried."
Pinupmodel Cintequ is living for latex, thats why she is especially taken with the tailor- made robes of the factory in "Langenfeld". The 29 year old is now presenting what senses pleasurable to herself, mainly for the exclusive following of latex fetishists.
"It is a very good feeling, I like it very much on my skin, everything is very slippery and smooth from the silicone which is rubbed on in order to keep the latex very sinuous and very bright. Yes, it feels not bad at all. For many people it is a fetish and they just want to see it and it has also an erotic aspect for them. For others it is a form of individualism, to express themselves, just to be their own work of art"
In the small manufactury all models are hand crafted, customers mostly order via internet, measures and preferences are stored in a meticulously managed
database. A small team designs, cuts, enforces and glues this idiosyncratic material which does not tolerate any sewing machine.
"This is a draft for a big party e.g. which I will also wear myself and then I set to work to produce the yard ware myself. Here are some examples of different
designs, here a beautiful purple, those red stripes are also apllied by us, or here we have some print which is also something new, or motifs painted by hand. "What's that?" "this is a chinese dragon, I have also an entire suit made of it which also looks quite fancy I find. Or here this starlet pattern, I once made a corset of it which als looked very nice. The special thing about this corset is the material thickness and the stays are applied at the outer side. Well there are usually those classic frills but this form of frills was developed by us for a very special look."
The dream of a latex enthusiast additionally includes an adequate staging.
"Latex feels very different to cotton or tweed as it encloses the body, it is supple and elastic, it follows every motion, it feels like a second skin"
Already in her puberty Cintequ detected her passion for lacquer and synthetics. The manufacture of latex to garment was a revelation to her and led to further affectations.
"Well it looks breathtaking and it actually is a bit." "You can hardly breath?" "A bit difficult, the collar is a bit restricting." "So you have to like it?" "Presumably."
1990 € is the price for the tailor-made dress ordered via internet. The customers prefer to hide their affections but they demand a great deal regarding exclusivness and workmanship.(the following was hard to understand...) "It is all quite intricate with all the stays and so on."
Latex, for some people it is simply just a lifestyle product, for others it is an elixir.
"Do you feel freed now?" "Yes, somewhat I have to admit, but you need to suffer when you want to be beautiful (German saying), that's what it was."
"Does it feel good" "Yes, in any case, very amazing, I am completely thrilled.
This is certainly a very special kind of latex which very well follows the body shape so you can work with it specifically. Other designers prefer stretch fabrics to accomplish this but nothing compares to latex for this purpose."
Many latex enthusiasts have an itch sometimes to seal themselves off from the outside world, for such moments the factory developes and produces a huge assortment of masks.
But the affections to glossy latex have even more versatile facets. The fetish scene enjoys not only the material itself but also its flavour. "This is a so called "smellbag", as the word already implies the latex enthusiast not only likes to feel the material against his body, he wants to possibly smell it and therefore we developed an item, we call this one BBK, that's the name of the mask and a smellbag. This means you can connect the mask with this rucksack by these hoses and so you can scent the flavour of the material. Here are ventilation slots provided for regular fresh air supply and then you can inhale it.
Well the bandwith of our masks regarding costs is as follows, this is the simple standard mask here as laced version for example costs 119 €, (and) this is lets say our battleship, it is the heaviest and thickest mask currently available on the market, this mask costs 699 €"

Anonymous said...

Loved the white dress, and those fabulous heels too. Lucky girl!!!

mahret said...

wow i love that. I wanna work there ♥