Monday, August 06, 2007

the place where i model in second life

is now a short film by Kim Dench. and i'm in it if you don't blink at the 55 second mark.


SanderO said...

This is for adults who are still children. I can't relate to someone who would do this. I'm just too old to understand. Sorry. Seems like a waste of creative energy.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated link:

blackice said...

Must be a huge market then as thats the way of the world.

Curious how all the big labels and banks are nosing around looking for a way to make money off it.


Usagi said...

Curious how all the big labels and banks are nosing around looking for a way to make money off it.

There's a lot of money changing hands in SL. That's why some companies want a part of it.

Anonymous said...

If you doing something you like or love to do , how can it be a waste of time ? :)


BTW, I`m 47 years young . :)

Yora Vig said...

Glad to see that kim's Kayliwulf video is getting more attention. She did a killer job on it IMHO.

SL is booming and some people, like he owners of Kayliwulf are doing very well in it. Doesn't suprise me tht more and more companies are looking to move into it.

Anonymous said...

hello i have talked to Mistress Kim
Dench in game she is a wonderfull dom she punished me in second life whene i did somthing wrong.

so please will the owner of dollrealm please contact in secondlife erin Randt and meet this slave and please tolk to mistressjuly if you want to use me in secondlife,

Anonymous said...

well I love latex, but KK in SL is the most expensive shop you ever can come across, and the quality isnt that great eanywho.
however there are some few and I mark FEW good items they have, but about 1000Ls for a pair of panties, I dont think Im willing to pay for that atm, maby in the future when the prize drops allot

Anonymous said...

hello, i've been unable to find this world in SL?

thank you,


Andre said...

I tried SL for a bit and found it extremely unsatisfying... filled with wannabe's and never weres who think they are special in their insignificant little world. Such a drain of energy. I'll take my real life latex and BDSM over this nonsense any day!