Thursday, August 30, 2007

is it just me?

i'm having a rather horrible time getting to sleep over the last week or so and then staying asleep. this sort of started with the fact that i've been getting some kind 'guidence' for lack of a more appropriate term to help me towards my goal of latex 27/7 which of course includes wearing latex to sleep in.

besides my basic flanel pj's i can't seem to sleep in anything else. the sensations of plain sheets against me or the cold or whatever is just too distracting? i really don't know.

i mean i have these lovely crimson satin sheets and i can't sleep on those either. i sort of sleep but then its not real deep sleep that i need. i was staying at a friends place when they were away and had to sleep on satin sheets and duvet and had the very same problem.

i would of simply loved to be able to wear my white zentai suit to sleep in on my red satin sheets but thats just not working either. same with the semi trans latex sheets i got for xmas. sort of a waste if i can't crack this step.

still i've been encouraged to step up and work my way through it and i am really trying but it does screw my work day feeling so out of it.

to help me on my way i'll be gettings something similiar too this latex gown... i'll see how it goes.



SanderO said...

Sleeping on latex is not especially comfortable as sleeping is supposed to be. When you sleep you want your environment to be so invisible that your mind can slip away from physical sensations.

Too hot, too cold, too windy, too heavy (cover)... too humid, too noisy, too light, too dark, too smelly, too rough to the skin... too smooth and slippery...whatever. All not conducive to allow restful sleep.

Rubber promotes some of these "toos". And people wear rubber because it ADDS to their normal skin sensations as well as smell. Although aroma might be conducive to sleep.

If you want to sleep in a rubber environment you have to eliminate the "toos". Thick compressive latex would be the first to go... you will literally wake up in pain at some point even if it feels good in the beginning.

Next you have to have the room at the right temp and humidity (if you have
skin exposed) Cold sweat while sleeping will wake you up too.

You might be able to use a very thin latex suit which hardly feels like you are wearing latex at all... hardly any compression whatsoever. But then you need a sheet and cover which is not too slippery or too much friction. Maybe rubber and then the cover must provide the right amount of weight. But the problem is maintaining your body temp at a transparent level. Cloth allows your body to breathe and mediate temperature. If you do start to overheat and sweat when you toss off the cover to cool down, you get too cool and have a trapped sweat problem. ICK.

Also rubber will be room temp or your skin temp if worn. Comfortable room temp is like 65° F which if it is a object touching the skin will feel too cool. So you warm up the local latex and move your body and it feels cold. Cloth traps air so it doesn't feel cold as rubber does.

This is a real hard one to pull off.

If you can train your skin to be covered in rubber in the day... maybe you can do it at night and let it "breathe" during the day... but that is not anything close to 24/7.

Good luck.

I suppose if your completely exhausted, the parameters might be more flexible

Anonymous said...

I Just tryed sleeping in my catsuit this past weekend and enjoyed it no problems well my feet got cold but i just lived with it My AC was on low to keep the room just right around 65 70 Had my feather down comforter on the bed. keep trying! but if it was me I would just sleep the way your used to for a couple days if your having trouble sleeping then go back to the latex Best of luck Jay

Sebastian said...

I have not had the fortune of sleeping in latex, never had enough of it to do so. But I have been encased in vinyl cocoons before and those I found comfortable enough to sleep in. The only thing is that it had to be heavy and it had to not let in too much room air. If it did, my shoulders would start aching from the two temps.

I found that when I did have some good latex outfits and did not cover the normal sheets that I have with plastic or vinyl then it would get caught on a fold of the sheets and that threatened to rip the latex. It is a difficult idea to sleep in latex comfortably. although if it was possible, to sleep encased and mostly immobile in latex that might solve some problems. then you could have some of the heat and sweat regulated and even have your own wake up call installed :P

I have heard a couple of stories of others who have tried 24/7 and it is very hard on the body since there is not enough room for the skin to breath, no UV in contact with the skin to build up some melanin count and so on. There has to be a small compromise to the effort.