Saturday, August 25, 2007

time for the next stage

back from my business trip that really took out more of me than I thought it would, so just having a relaxing weekend now. one good thing is that my order of latex panties from germany's ebay has arrived as well my mofied latex body in a light doll-ish pink.

what had been really holding me back from wearing the body too now was all it has was a small zip at the upper back, so once on it was pretty involved to get out of to use the bathroom. no more and nor do i have any excuses to make it my next major staple of my wardrobe.

i'll start tommorrow and when home wear my latex slacks which will add to the body to make me like 80% coated in latex with not too much to go to reach my goal.

and i have been thinking of different things i could buy but they're all sort of between pratical variations on normal clothes - but in rubber and devious fetishy things that are for bedroom only....

oh well, when i win the lottery...



sylvrgirl said...

i am envious of folks like yourself that can buy rubber via mail order and have it fit. i'm a big girl and have to get custom made.

Fortunately, i live in San Francisco and have access to Madame S. :-)

Doug said...

Hey Asu,

Congrats on the 80% latex coverage - I do think it's a shame you seem to think that you won't ever be able to afford all your stuff - I hope it works out for you.