Thursday, August 30, 2007

classic black latex catsuits...


SanderO said...

It's interesting that they are completely enclosed except for the hands. However, for anyone whose worn latex gloves they know that some feeling is lost or "masked" by gloves covering the finger tips.

And one has shoes and no socks.

Personally I find it feels very funny NOT to have your feet "enclosed" when you wear a catsuit, though many complain about other problems... usually fit of the sock or slipping.

It is also interesting to have a suit which is TE except for the places which are loaded up with nerve receptors... lips, genitals, finger tips, nipples.

Good production values on the vids, but not especially sexy once you've see someone in a catsuit. Good fit on the suits! Rubberists love the shine, but it is such a pain as far as slipping and feeling a bit "greasy" as opposed to smooth. I guess some like the slip.

Sitting around and touching as they did was hardly especially sexy. No?

SanderO said...

I must admit having looked at the web site that produces these videos.. the work has almost no appeal to me whatsoever.

I realize that this is my personal taste, but despite these females having nice thin bodies they have no sex appeal at all. I'm really tired of the piercings and tattoos. It looks like white trash or cheap tacky classless slut stuff... like the bimbos on LA Ink. What a turn off.

And the other pet peeve which this reminded me about once again... how about some male female fetish/latex video / porn whatever you want to call it. It seems it's either gay men or girl on girl and maybe once in a blue moon you might see a male sissy CD or something.

While seeing two females doing sexy things is hot for many men and perhaps women too.. it's time to do something new and daring.

What's holding these this back? Why can't they get some good looking guys and gals together for what would look like hetero fetish?

You see many M/F couples at fetish events, a few with a female in tow and a few gay couples... but where are the vids which represent this mix?

What is the prejudice models, or photographers have about using males and females?

I would guess that most of this stuff is what turns on the photographers and her doesn't want a male doing what what he wants to do.

Even hetero couples.. Martin and Bianca, Eva and Paul, Natalia and Joe seem to focus on gay sex.. although Natalia does do men and has a female "love slave".

Why no men?

Is anyone else tired of seeing all this lesbian fake sex?